Tania Cruz, the number 1 enemy of soccer players?

In the Bureaucratic Soccer League, the board and players consider the federal deputy TANIA CRUZ SANTOS as his “MAIN ENEMY” and it is not for less.

Tania was the one who began to promote the construction of the barracks of the National Guard on land where the “Saturnino Cabrera” field is located to the west of the city, with the story that no one occupied these, which is A VILE LIE, since said organization, since 2003 when it received the property, has never stopped its activities, except on holidays such as Easter, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

From then on, the NIGHTMARE began for those who make up this circuit, who, with the latent risk of being evicted at any moment, live in the midst of anxiety and uncertainty, not knowing what will happen to them, or rather, if they will be reinstated in other side or THEY WILL PUT THEM “UPON THE STREET”.

For this reason, it would be good if TANIA CRUZ herself or some other authority, be it sports, municipal or military, faced the soccer players of the League that she presides over Hector Fidel Bainas and CLARIFY once and for all what is related to this situation, because so far no one has said “THIS MOUTH IS MINE” and as the days go by the tension grows and at any moment EL CUETE COULD EXPLODE.

What is a fact is that the leader is not alone and his affiliates have told him so on more than one occasion, so he feels WELL SUPPORTED and WITH SUFFICIENT FORCES to DEFEND his only scenario UNTIL THE END.

We will have to see what the other party says, which until now has remained silent, it is not known why.


The one who got a ten, true to his custom, is Don Tomas Avila, President of the Municipal Basketball Leaguewho last Friday, in a well-known restaurant in the city, offered a breakfast to representatives of the different media that cover the sports source.

Don “Tomy”, as some of his friends and acquaintances call him, aware that the press has been an important part of the work he does as one of the main promoters of the “burst” sport in this port, acknowledged those who or another way, they spread all the activities that it carries out in a wise way through the organization that it heads.

At the end of the agape, the leader thanked each one of the attendees for their support, but not before also promising that as soon as the opportunity arises he will meet again with those of us who exercise this beautiful profession, covering everything that happens in the wide world of sport and especially in the League that he directs.

See you SDQ.