Tampico meat or cakes from the fence? The origin and differences between the emblematic dishes of Tampico – El Sol de Tampico

You can’t call yourself Tampico if you haven’t tried one of these two cymbals emblematic of the southern zone. But do you know the origin of the meat to the tampiqueña and the one from the bard cake? Here we tell you how this pair of delicacies were born.


This gastronomic creation was named after Tampico on national and international stages. This is the dish thought up by the brothers José Inés and Fidel Loredo, which they offered for the first time in their restaurant of Mexico City, the “Tampico Club”. The reception of this business was such that they worked 24 hours a day.

Then Don José Inés conceived a dish to offer to the late-nighters and which he calls Huasteco Breakfast. It is a thin and long fillet of roast meat on an oval plate, with a garnish of poblano pepper strips, green enchiladas of the huasteco type, refried black beans with tortilla chips and cheese, indicates Tamaulipas Tourism.

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This gastronomic invention conquered palates and Don José Inés soon imprinted a meaning on each of the components of what is now called roast meat to the tampiqueña: the meat would represent the Panuco River; the plato, the huasteca zone; the enchiladas, the green fields of the region; the beans the fertile land; and the white cheese, the purity of the people.

As a curiosity, one of the typical meals of Tampico it was not born in the port…nor is it the creation of a tampiqueño, because the Loredo brothers were natives of San Luis Potosi. They later moved to Tampico, where they worked in hotels and restaurants. Even Don José Inés was elected as municipal president.


An explosion of flavors that, together, are very lucky: bread, beans, chorizo, shredded meat, avocado, tomato, onion, ham, pork cheese, pork rind sauce. The bard cake It is a port tradition. But in its beginnings, this dish was very different.

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In the 1930s, José María Bracamontes had just arrived from Michoacán and in order to survive he began selling tacos at the port entrance door. During one Lent, he notices that many of the foreigners during this season do not eat meat for religious reasons.

And as it tells THE SUN OF TAMPICOJosé María Bracamontes gets several pieces of French bread, or bolillo, to which he adds a sardine with tomato, chili and other condiments.

Don Chema’s creation became very popular, he removed the sardine and began to include cold meats and later the ingredients that he carries today. In addition to the fact that the wall of the dock became a reference as a point of sale for these cakes.


Inflation and the rise in prices of inputs have increased the price of bard cake and currently can be found with a sale price of up to 50 pesos. While tampiqueña-style roast beef, according to a query in Didi Foodit costs 311 pesos in the restaurant supercream from Tampico.