Tamaulipas reactivates school breakfasts after 2 years

After two years of suspension of face-to-face classes in Tamaulipas as a result of the pandemic COVID-19, School breakfasts are back in more than 2,200 basic education schools, where 101,328 hot portions will be served daily.

The President of the System DIF Tamaulipassupervised the start of operations of the Breakfast Well program in the La Reforma ejido in the municipality of González, where furniture, kitchen utensils and electrical appliances were delivered for the new school breakfast room in the Telesecundaria “Prof. Jesus Salazar Martinez.

The equipment includes furniture such as refrigerators, grills, cupboards, tables, benches, chairs, gas tanks, blenders, among other utensils that will improve school kitchens in which these foods are prepared with nutritional quality.

“The State Goverment and the Tamaulipas DIF System endorse their commitment to the nutrition of our Tamaulipas boys and girls, we want them to grow up healthy, strong, with the energy and well-being they need to study, play and achieve their dreams,” said the DIF State President.

It is worth mentioning that after the suspension of classes in the schools of the entity, the DIF Tamaulipas System modified the delivery of food supplies for the school breakfast program, so that basic education students will continue to receive a nutritious food at home.

On the part of the State DIF there are 101 thousand 328 students registered in the program Have a good breakfast which operates with resources from branch 33 transferred to the state.

After the authorization by the Health and Education authorities to open the school kitchens, as of March 14, the delivery of supplies for the preparation of the school breakfast within the educational establishment gradually began, following the protocols of Health.

Tree planting was also carried out in different areas as part of the reforestation activities Tamaulipas,

During the visit to this educational facility, the head of the State DIF also delivered farming equipment and a package of utensils to the DIF González for 6 Meeting and Development Food Spaces in the municipality.

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