taking Mexican gastronomy to new heights

The exposure of traditional cuisine and its commercialization has generated discussions: is it an opportunity or a threat for this niche of usually vulnerable communities? “We are living at a time when the world is being forced to pause and more of us are looking to nature for solace. So ancient cooking techniques are what provide opportunity and not threaten vulnerable communities. Mexico has all the tools necessary to bring these ancient techniques to the table and give them more prominence,” Stovell reflected.

The vegan movement is growing a lot and has an important trend, for this chef Stovell himself has his ideal dish. “Plant-based diets and vegan lifestyles have increased in popularity over the last five years around the worldand notably among Mexican culture,” he says. “My favorite vegan dish is a recipe from a great Israeli/British cook, it’s called “Yotam Assaf Ottolenghi“They are chickpea pancakes with pickled mango yogurt”, details the chef.

Should Mexico be more vegan? “According to a recent survey, 20% of Mexicans identified as vegetarian or vegan with data showing that veganism is growing at a rapid rate. Strictly Mexican food was traditionally plant-based, and this return to tradition has allowed chefs and restaurants to creatively showcase their heritage in new ways,” he said.

“The 21st century shows us that Mexican cuisine is reaching a point of maturity, finally reaching its own full identity, an identity that takes up the pre-Hispanic elements of respect for ingredients and endemic products and that they are part of a clear identity that It makes us feel like a nation with great cultural, social and, obviously, gastronomic wealth,” Stovell commented.

Because some tacos are not to be missed on a visit to Mexico, Fernando Stovell lives in the UK outside of London, so he has his favorites. “Almost every corner there are taquerias where you can enjoy a very varied offer. The tortilla must be of quality, made with fresh corn, if it is a soft taco and if it is going to be toasted, the tortilla must be crunchy” , explains his taste. “For me you can not miss onion, tomato, lettuce, chilies, beans and cilantro. There is no good taco without its saucebe it pico de gallo, guacamole, tomatoes, variety of chiles. My favorite is the sauce made in a molcajete and roasted “, he details.

As part of his most commented experience is having attended celebrities and heads of state, but none more commented than that of Elizabeth II, after this he tells us about ‘The Crown’. “We must not forget that this is a television series, in which entertainment is the main objective, the facts that are narrated in this I do not think they are 100% real“, he thinks. “At the end of the day it is a privileged family that deserves its privacy. And so far I have not seen ‘The Crown’ although I know it is very well done and entertaining,” said the chef.

Fernando Stovell, despite having served many important figures, admits that the attention and quality is the same. “It is a privilege to have a diner at my table and it is always a pleasure to serve them,” he concludes.