Tacos beware! The future of tacos al pastor could be in charge of a robot

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Tacos beware! The future of tacos al pastor could be in charge of a robot shepherd’s tacosthat have their origin in the heritage of the Middle East that settled in the state of Puebla, were created in the 1920s from a Mexican adaptation to a Middle Eastern dish, and in the XXI century they continue to evolve after the creation in Germany of a specialized robot in the preparation of this dish.

Now, within the framework of Taco Day, the creation of a robot called The devicemanufactured by the German company Aldakur RobotSystemswhich automated the process of slicing the top of any type of meat, with the aim that the kitchen staff is not exposed to heat and avoid accidents.

According to the German company, this robot promises much easier and cleaner work.

In social networks, this robot has surprised many users, due to the peculiar way in which this device slices meat, so some users pointed out that this could be the future of tacos al pastor in Mexico.

However, would this new artifact endanger the work of taqueros in Mexico? For users of social networks, it seems difficult for a machine that automates the work of cutting meat to replace the seasoning and folklore of taqueros, as well as the anecdotes and jokes that are lived when going to “eat taquitos”.

Some Internet users even ironized with the technological innovation; “The ´dame de lo quemadito´ is over or “the Association of Taqueros of #Mexico calls for a blockade and sit-in”, were some of the reactions with which Mexican users flooded the networks.

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Others even ironized with a scene from the movie “I robot”, starring the recent winner of the Oscar for best actor, Will Smith and questioned:

“Can a robot cut the pineapple and throw it in the air to catch it with the taco? -Can you?”

How does the taco robot work?

“The device gives you the sliced ​​meat by pressing just one button. The kebab robot has smart sensors that are optically integrated and ensure easy operation.

“In this way, you will obtain the kebab meat portion by portion in the desired measure in each case,” the company said.

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In a video shared by Christian Van Der H, he shows the robot that he captured in a German store where the netizen expressed “I just saw the future of tacos de pastor”.

The publication caused a sensation on the networks, leaving various comments from people who wondered how the robot works and even memes.

The origin of tacos al pastor

The origin of tacos al Shepherd dates back to the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th the Ottoman empire fell, which caused thousands of people, mainly from Syria and Lebanon, to leave their places of origin and many of them came to Mexico, and many of these people settled in Puebla, where they began to share their culinary culture.

It was also in the 1920s when the lebanese immigrants in our country began to recreate the famous Shawarmaa dish originally from Israel that was adopted by the Arabs, substituting lamb meat for pork, marinated with spices, which resulted in the taco al pastor.

It is unknown when they began to prepare as we know them today; however, some agree that it was not until the 1960s when the children of these lebanese migrants They gave the Mexican touch to this traditional dish and began to become popular.

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