Taco Day Would you dare to eat them for a week without repeating styles? | Lifestyle

Tacos are the most popular street food dish in Mexico. Thanks to the range of ingredients, styles and combinations, we could eat them from breakfast to dinner without putting any buts. Our devotion is such that we even have Taco Day on March 31st.

To celebrate this event, which unites us as much as the singing of the National Anthem, we suggest you eat them for a whole week. And to make it easier, we tell you that DiDi Food will be activating special discounts on its home delivery of tacos, which will apply from March 21 to 31.

Wake up your gluttony with the ideas that we will give you to enter the challenge without repeating a single taco and get ready to celebrate. If possible!

Tacos for a breakfast of champions

Nothing gives more energy to a Monday morning than an order of basket tacos with pork rinds, beans, potatoes, adobo and even green mole. With salsa or pickled chilies? You just have to think about how you want them and order them at the door of your home or office. They will arrive warm, like they just came out of the basket.

Craving something more substantial? How about the head or birria tacos, accompanied by the typical consommé. The Michoacán-style carnitas or the mild or golden barbecue ones are also an excellent option. Delight!

Taco variety for the afternoon

Lunchtime is when we find a wider range to throw taco. We have the stew ones, very popular in the office areas of Mexico City, which are served with a double tortilla, red rice and a stew of the day. Curious fact: in Morelos this style is called battleships.

Others that are very popular in the afternoon are the golden tacos, which are stuffed with chicken, cheese or potatoes, topped with lettuce, cheese, cream and sauce. How not to salivate just thinking about them!

To give this taco marathon more variety, order some on the grill at DiDi Food: Rib Eye, flank steak, Argentine chorizo, chistorra or any other succulent cut that can be placed on a tortilla. He also orders the versions of tacos that come to us from the coasts of Mexico, such as the governor taco and the Baja tacos.

If you still have room, ask for one of steak, wire with cheese, liver with onions or cochinita pibil, nothing else so as not to be left with the craving.

The last taco and we go

To close the day, and depending on how hungry you are, have a mixed order with suadero taquitos, golden tripe, longaniza, al pastor and why not, some campechanos. We assure you that you can already perceive the smell of this image.

Do you feel that you have sinned too much? Give vegetarian or vegan tacos a chance, which, being prepared with the same condiments, have a lot of flavor without being heavy at night.

You decide how to distribute these tacos throughout the week. Best of all, from March 21 to 31, in the DiDi Food app you will find from 15% to 50% discount, as well as 2×1 and 3×2 tacos, among other promotions*.

Download the app, order through DiDi Food and celebrate Taco Day as it should. With these promotions, you will surely have enough to pay for this entire banquet and send tacos to your favorite people.

*Terms and Conditions: Restaurants and promotions are subject to availability in each participating city. Promotion valid from March 21 to 31, 2022 or while supplies last. Check applicable promotions, dishes and participating restaurants in the DiDi Food app.