Taco Day in Mexico 2022. What is the origin of the celebration?

every year in Mexico I know celebrates one of the most representative dates for Mexicans that honors the flavor and identity of the country.

Is aboutl National Taco Dayone of the main typical dishes of the country that can be enjoyed anywhere, at any time and even in different presentations and types.

What is the origin of National Taco Day?

The national celebration was established in 2007, when an advertising campaign for Televisa invited Mexicans to celebrate such delicious food that has crossed borders and conquered until most demanding palates.

“Because everyone has their day: Taco Day, March 31” was the slogan and the main invitation of the campaign to recognize tacos on a specific day of the year.

One of the advertising events included a taco festival at the Aztec stadium, in Mexico City, where there were musical presentations and an exhibition of the most representative and consumed tacos in the country and their respective places of origin.

Initially, the television station’s campaign was well received, but it was only a commercial strategy and not of an official project or with hints of becoming a reality in the future.

After the first celebrations, the mexicans decided to honor the most diverse dish and delicious food culture throughout Mexico and continued with the celebrations on an annual basis, each March 31st, although it is still not an official day on the calendar.

Taco Origin

Although today there are countless varieties and continue to be renewed to pamper millions of palates, the origin of tacos dates back to the prehispanic culturespoints out the Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Government of Mexico.

The origin has two references: the first indicates that Montezuma supported their food with the tortillas, while the second says that the women sent the food wrapped in tortillas their husbands who went out to work.

The first taquiza in history

Currently the taquizas It is the term with which we Mexicans call meetings where tacos are the main element of the meal, but how did they originate?

The term may appear to be modern, but the concept actually originates during the Conquest of Tenochtitlanwhen Hernan Cortes held the first taquiza, highlights Bernal Diaz del Castilloauthor of the book True History of the Conquest of New Spain.

Over the centuries, this dish has taken different directions, maintaining the idea of ​​food within a corn tortilla.

It is said that the armored tacos emerged in 1908 in Cuautla, Morelos, while in 1950 the basket tacos on San Vicente Xiloxochitla, Tlaxcala.

But when were they born? tacos al pastor? For many, the best taco in mexico was created in 1966, when the restaurant The Tizoncito made his own version of arabic shawarmaa dish of Lebanese history prepared with lamb meat wrapped in pita bread.

The restaurant started with the first tacos made with pork meat marinated in corn tortillas and over the years ingredients such as pineapple, salsa, onion, cilantro, guacamole were added in its presentation to serve, even the meat, now, is served golden and soft, according to diners.

Best Restaurants for Tacos in the United States

If you are in United Stateseating a taco does not have to be difficult, since the Mexican dish has fallen in love with the country to the point of making them part of its gastronomyBut of course, in his own way.

In fact, the North American country has its own celebration of tacos, with the National Taco Dayrecognized each 4th of October and are one of the most consumed foods during the popular May 5th.

Here are some of the establishments that boast of having the best tacos, according to an investigation by delicious. Many of these restaurants specialize in typical mexican tacosbased on meat, salsa, cheese, guacamole, Mexican stews, even vegetables and seafood.

1. Veracruz All Natural in Austin, Texas

2. Pacos, tacos and tequila in Charlotte, North Carolina

3. The No.1 Tacos in New York City

4. Stews in Los Angeles, California

5. Capital Tacos in Land O Lakes, Florida

6. Tacodeli in Austin, Texas

7. Chilo’s in Brooklyn, New York

8. Hankook Taqueria in Atlanta, Georgia

9. The Taqueria, in San Francisco, California

10. Oscar’s Mexican Seafood in San Diego, California

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