Taco Day: Discover the most emblematic tacos from every corner of Mexico

Is Taco Day is celebrated on March 31 and it is not for less, one of the most popular Mexican snacks in our country, is worthy of having its own day of celebration. Much has been made of the fact that it is one of the most emblematic dishes that we have, such is the thing, that in many countries they have tried to recreate it on countless occasions, some with more style than others, but in the end it they’ve tried.

However, we must be very honest, because we as creators have the best options, the best varieties and the best techniques to make them. And it is that, when we talk about variety, we are not just saying it to the air, because in our country many states have their own creation, which over time has spread throughout the Mexican territory. This, without a doubt, makes our variety of taquitos more extensive and with the sole purpose of celebrating your day, we bring you here some of the most outstanding tacos.