Taco Day: 3 stew recipes to prepare at home and celebrate the Mexican dish

“Mexican who respects himself, enjoys a delicious taco at any time of the day.” Well, not just any time, because they say that it is never good to consume them so early, but we cannot deny that we crave them in a great way. Although it is a type of food that for many has been punished, honestly it is delicious tacosin any of its presentations and, such has been its popularity in our country, that it even has its own day of celebration.

From the March 31, 2007, it has been decreed that it would be the official day of the taco, the story is quite interesting and it was after an event that would take place in the Aztec stadium. Of course, this turns out to be a really important event, because in our country there are a lot of varieties to enjoy from those of taqueriabasket or stews, these being probably the most economical and prepared at home.