Taco Day 2022: this is what you should know about this delicacy of Mexican cuisine – El Sol de Orizaba

Orizaba, Ver.- One of the most loved dishes by Mexicans, without a doubt, is the taco; so much so that it has its own day to commemorate it, on March 31.

The first thing you think of is surely the taco de pastor, but there are: carnitas, suadero, seafood, steak with onions, longaniza, potato with chorizo, barbecue, ribs in dry chili sauce, Arabs, basket or sweat, pibil pig, roasted carnitas, chop with cheese and more; almost any food that you can eat with a tortilla will undoubtedly make a delicious taco.

Since 2007, after an announcement from a Mexican television station, the existence of Taco Day is appreciatedtheir advertising campaign had the slogan “Because everyone has their day: Taco Day, March 31”. Since then, Mexicans have continued year after year the tradition of this food that we taste in the morning with some scrambled eggs accompanied with tortillas until an after party at the corner stalls, any occasion is good to eat tacos.

In the city of Xalapa, on October 15, the taco and salsa were commemorated in an event held in the Xallitic esplanade located between Lucio and Madero streets, in the Historic Center of the Capital of Veracruz.

The event highlighted the gastronomic culture of the state and around 40 exhibitors participated.

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‘His majesty the taco’ cannot be eaten without the company of pico de gallo, sauce to taste that can be prepared in a molcajete and with a juicy lemon “for mooring”.

Do you know these Taco curiosities?

Just as tamales and mole describe a geographical theme for its variations in the Mexican territory, the origin of a taco from the north, center or south can be determined according to the ingredients it contains.

Figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) indicate that In the Mexican Republic there are approximately 120 thousand establishments dedicated to tacos and tortasthis means that 95 percent of the population has a taqueria a few meters from their home.

It is also a “rich” food, because in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur they auctioned a taco with a value of 25 thousand dollars; Mike Patterson of foreign nationality offered 7 thousand dollars, equivalent to 133 thousand Mexican pesos.

Chef Juan Licerio Alcalá’s creation was made with an omelette that has gold flakes and is stuffed with Kobe beef, shrimp, black truffle Brie cheese and Almas beluga caviar.

On the other hand, with the need to keep diners happy and without waiting for that Mexican delicacy, in addition to using technology for gastronomy, they have created a taco robot.

It is about the device, a machine manufactured by the German company Aldakur RobotSystems that automated the process of slicing the top of any type of meat, would it be the future in the taquerias of Mexico?

What is the origin of the taco?

the word taco comes from the Nahuatl ‘Tlahco’ which means “half or in the middle” referring to its shape. According to the “Los Cabos blog” although the true origin of the taco is not known, it is thought that it was created in pre-Hispanic Mexico and there are two versions: “The first is from Moctezuma, who used tortillas as a spoon; the second is the way they sent the food to the men who worked all day in the fields, wrapped in tortillas”.

It is believed that the oldest taqueria in Mexico is “Tacos Beatriz” establishment founded in 1910 by Mrs. Beatriz Muciño Reyes. This taqueria was recognized by former president Porfirio Díaz Mori and frequented by the revolutionary Emiliano Zapata, it is also said that he ordered tacos for his horse. The taquería is located in the Plaza de la Constitución in the first square of Mexico City.

What are the best taquerias in Córdoba-Orizaba?

Users of social networks expressed through a survey carried out and this is their recommendation of the best taquerias in the downtown area of ​​Veracruz.


  • Tacos “El güero” at Sur 21
  • Flower Market Tacos
  • Tacos “El Compa”
  • Tacos “Rivers” in Circunvalación
  • Tacos from “El Wero de Mendoza”, in front of the PRI offices
  • Tacos Chivis, in North 8
  • Tacos “Ruffo” from Ciudad Mendoza


  • Tacos “Jhonny”, near the Red Cross
  • Tacos “Don Rafa”
  • Tacos “Dilan”, on avenida 6, calle 25
  • Plaza Crystal Basket Tacos
  • Tacos Tino in toxpan
  • Tacos “Don Cuco” on 21st street before the road
  • Taqueria “Cris” in fredepo
  • Taqueria “La taquiza”

Without a doubt, a taco, just as water is not denied to anyone, What is your favorite?