Taco Crazy! The recipe book you need if you love Mexican food

The national gastronomy is full of delicious proposals, but globalization has brought international culinary proposals closer to our cities, which have already become habitual in our weekly menu. And if a few days ago we told here how to make a championship pizza at home, today we bring you a spectacular recipe book that will allow us to put another of our favorite cuisines, the Mexican, on our table. And if you also love Aztec food, we are sure that
Taco Crazy! It will become your new favorite cookbook.

The journalist, gastronomic expert and culinary critic Jonas Cramby has reflected in this spectacular cookbook, which Planeta Gastro has published in Spain, his culinary experiences on the streets of Mexico to create this beautiful book. Recipes explained in detail, accompanied by the addresses where you can buy the ingredients, beautiful photographs and
the keys we need To get to know the gastronomy of the Central American country better, this is what we find in this proposal that you can put in your gastronomic library or give as a gift to a lover of this gastronomy.

Tostadas, another way to enjoy Mexican cuisine with corn tortillas, just as ¡Taco Loco teaches us! /


Because Cramby is one of them and with this work he tries to recreate his favorite Mexican street food dishes “in the kitchen of my house”, as he explains in the prologue. And for this he starts Taco Loco! with everything we need to make an element
essential in gastronomyAztec, the tortillas. From the ingredients we need to make them, conventional flour is not worth it, to the steps you must follow, whether they are wheat, corn or ground corn.

The tortilla fillings would not be the same without the sauces, and in ¡Taco Loco! we can find everything we need to bring to our table proposals as appetizing as
the pico de gallo, the green sauce or raw, chipotle sauce or tomatillo sauce. And of course, we can also pickle vegetables such as red onion, which always add a special flavor to our dishes.

Guacamole is another of the dishes that cannot be missing in any self-respecting Mexican gastronomic proposal, and in Crambly’s cookbook we find it in its most typical version or in its taco variant. And we can also discover everything we need to know about Mexican cheeses and dried chili peppers, their varieties and their sizes, thanks to an illustrated page that helps us distinguish them.

Image of the Milanese cake, one of the usual sandwiches in Mexican street cuisine. /


The second chapter of the book is dedicated to snacks, small dishes in which the base of nixtamalized corn is always present. Toasts,
quesadillas, flutes or tlayudas (a kind of pizza) come with a wide variety of ingredients to fill them. But here we can also find the essential recipes to make pork rinds and tortilla chips. And if sandwiches are our thing, Mexican gastronomy also has very attractive proposals, such as the drowned cake or the Milanese.

In chapter three comes the moment we were all waiting for,
the one with the tacos. Carnitas or al pastor in their “dry” version or stews, with chicken tinga or with picadillo are some of the recipes that we find in ¡Taco loco!, which also includes fish tacos or an essential recipe for lovers of this type of cuisine, chicken with black mole.

Image of some carnitas tacos, another of the recipes that we can find in Taco Loco! /


After devoting a few pages to Oaxacan roast meats and barbecue, chapter four puts the finishing touch to any meal with sweets. From crystallized fruit to stuffed lemons, passing through the refreshing popsicles of various flavors, the typical sugar skulls of the south of the country or the
three milk panelathe Aztec variety of the most popular dessert in South America.

But Taco Loco! It does not end here, since there is no typical Mexican food without the typical drinks of the area. Fresh waters such as tamarind or melon, horchata, or varieties of homemade beer such as
the tepache or the michelada They are also within our reach thanks to the recipes that we can find in the book published by Planeta Gastro. In which, of course, the most classic cocktail in Mexico is not lacking, the margarita and the necessary advice to buy a good mezcal.