Tabasco Red Cross organizes ‘Breakfast with a Cause’ to raise funds

The Mexican Red Cross Tabasco delegationlaunched a call to the general public to participate in the “Breakfast with a cause” initiative, which will take place on May 6, with a view to raising funds for the operation of the worthy institution.

The delegate of the Red Cross in Tabasco, Grace Trujillo de Cobo, pointed out that the event will take place at the ┬┤Los Jinetes┬┤ restaurant, on May 6 at 9:00 a.m. and assured that the resources collected will be used for the operating expenses of the institution, which does not receive a public budget, nor is it for-profit.

“Everyone knows that the Red Cross lives off donations from society in general, which is why we thought we could hold events that would give us the opportunity to raise funds to continue maintaining some of the Institution’s strategies, and for this we thought of making this breakfast with a cause for May 6, where we are trying to gather a group of ladies who collaborate, going to the breakfast that costs 300 pesos per ticket and where we are also going to have a surprise that later I am going to tell them so that in some way they can be comfortable, they can enjoy breakfast, regardless of chatting with friends and that they are also going to support a noble cause,” she said.

Likewise, he indicated that a total of 150 tickets are planned for breakfast because, although the room has greater capacity and the epidemiological traffic light is green, the aim is to avoid crowds and although the collection may be low, it will serve to continue providing the service. from the Red Cross to the citizenry.

“Many people continue to think that the Red Cross is a government institution, there is this confusion and what the Red Cross does is to help citizens and of course with the government, in emergency care, really the Red Cross is the one who attends the large number of accidents and hospital transfer needs for those who require it and perhaps that is why it gets a little confused, I think there are many people who are very aware that it is an altruistic non-profit institution and that the only thing that does is serve the citizenry,” he said.