Sunday craving: Prepare some delicious pork trotters in vinegar with this recipe

There is nothing better than enjoying Sunday in the company of family or friends, while we watch our favorite soccer game, the series or even the repetition of the soap opera next to mom. The truth is that those moments next to the ones we love the most should be treasured, especially after everything we have been through this pandemic that seems to never want to end. And to achieve this there is nothing better than doing it together with our favorite snack or food.

Although it is difficult to coincide with our friendships and sometimes even with the family The roommatesa good one snack The mealmakes the others consider slowing down a bit commitments to come and chat with us for a while and sink your teeth into everything we have on the table and when boredom is a lot, well, you can always make a recipe, a dynamic of integration between your guests so that they help you prepare some snack .