Sunday Breakfast: A “Sammy Miller” saved from the fire

We are addicted to the great stories of motorcycles and bikers, who through some passage of life have collected anecdotes and adventures with motorcycles, moments that make them special for the achievement or for the repercussion. We have discovered motorcycles stolen, buried, submerged. Recovered its memory, its legends, its incredible discovery and survival, as has been the case with our essence today, one of those trial jewels for which great collectors yearn.

A ’65 Bultaco Sherpa Sammy Miller, first series. Radial cylinder head. Major words, which have made two passionate French friends, from the Bultaco club. Gilles and Pierre. They have decided to face this time the fourth element, fire and its destruction.

Needless to say, Gilles Escuyer and Pierre are a practicing trials team, enormously passionate about the Bultaco brand and staunch defenders of this sport, beyond the Pyrenees. This story set in France is one of those novel chapters that turn into a suspenseful thriller its result of wickedness and ambition.

It must be said that the French rider Jean Bohec was a very important rider, always of the time, the first French trial champion, until the young world champion Cristian Rayer arrived, who praised the French trial in his second season. One day in 2005 at a classic Bultaco trial meeting near Toulouse.

Mr. Bohec stopped in front of a fantastic ’66 radial head T10 4-speed. He was amazed and something in his memory shuddered, they spoke with Pierre and Gilles, to tell them that he had one of the first series of 1965 a Sammy Miller, which he wanted to sell it, because his history with the trial had died.

That the bike was in very poor condition, to which Gilles and Pierre agreed to buy it without seeing it, for a small price.

Bohec told him that it was very bad and that he was ashamed to sell it in that state, but he did not want to throw it away. Gilles and Pierre were excited about the story he told them, they began to think that it was possible to restore it and bring it back to life, they undoubtedly had no idea of ​​its condition, warned by the owner, they agreed to the purchase.

Bohec told them the story of this fantastic bike. Some real estate developers wanted to buy the lot or the land where he had leased the Garage for that motorcycle and his workshop, since he was a vintage mechanic and had been there for many years, since he did not want to sell the land, the ambition of a real estate gangster paid some thugs to give them a lesson by setting fire to their garage, with the consequent destruction.

When the firefighters arrived the worst had already happened, the motorcycles and the material were very damaged and their salvation was miraculous, the photos attest to the facts and the condition of the motorcycle that Gilles and Pierre bought was a scrap metal for scrapping.

Never say never, maybe here, there was a turning point in the magnitude of the reconstruction, four years in the operating room, changing, putting, filing, beeping, adding, resurrecting a dead dinosaur. And in every great story, the great truth comes to him, the passion, the immense affection for the story, knowing the tragedy of the character, who abandoned his passion for the trial bike after the wild event.

In the end, the “Sammy Miller” looks impeccable, better than the day it left the factory, it returned honor to its history and became the resurrection of a legend. Gilles and Pierre walk her like a star through the classic trials of the perfidious Albion, they cross the Pyrenees from side to side, telling her story in the trial huddles, in their private collection she has a special place and in the passion of the heroes the work of a great work and craftsman.

Great and dear friends of France