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For this new issue of Coup de food, Big City Life takes you on a discovery of the Sugar Sugar designer cake shop. Cupcakes, wedding cakes, cookies… will melt your taste buds. At the head of this coffee shop, Marie, a creative and ambitious young woman.

Sugar Sugar in Nantes: we tested for you… the cupcakes at 3 euros

Nutella, kids, oreo cupcakes…

Do you know Sugar Sugar in Nantes? We went to discover this warm place with an attractive decor. If the shop sports rather feminine peach pink hues, the cupcakes set up near the window are no less intended for men.

Just for science (it’s true), we tasted the best cupcakes in the City of the Dukes, at only 3 euros each! The flavors vary according to the seasons but the choice remains wide: chocolate, caramel, raspberry, praline, P’tit Lu… we don’t know where to turn.
The least we can say is that we were not disappointed with “L’Oréo”: a chocolate biscuit topped with a soft Oréo cream. Contrary to the prejudices that one might have, the texture is not dry and generously filled as desired.

We also tested the coconut cupcake with a vanilla base, crowned with a delicious chocolate cream and sprinkled with coconut. A true delight ! And then, wouldn’t you be against an appetizing slice of banana bread, or hazelnut layer cake on a crunchy praline base?

Cupcakes and savory waffles revisited


For those with a sweet tooth who might be peckish and crave something salty on certain lunches, we highly recommend the waffle and cupcake formula. A revisited waffle concept, which appeals to a large clientele since there is something for everyone! Marinated zucchini/hot goat cheese/dried tomatoes/honey, butternut velouté/poached egg/crushed hazelnuts… the combinations change depending on the time of year.

Our favorite: the nutella cupcake literally blew us away. Its flowing heart and nutella cream made us quiver with happiness.

Our advice: go around noon to rest and drink your coffee in peace. If you take out, put your cupcakes directly in the fridge if you plan to eat them later. Then you have to take them out ideally a good half hour before tasting them 😉

Sugar Sugar in Nantes: cake design for individuals and professionals

4 Rue Guepin in Nantes
4 Rue Guepin in Nantes

Open for 8 years now, Sugar Sugar was initially a small workshop that served as a passage for customer orders. A team: Marie and Emilie, who made their mark in a 12 square meter room thanks to the trust of companies. Little by little, requests rocketed and sales of personalized cakes exploded. Launch of the Chloé Love Story perfume at the Hermitage, weddings in magnificent castles, retirements… the events have multiplied over time.
Then Emilie leaves for new adventures in 2017, leaving Marie just as passionate about sugar paste. Three years later, the young woman decided to open her first store in the center of Nantes in the midst of a pandemic. A challenge successfully met, since she completely redecorates a skate room into a warm and cozy place, and the clientele seems to be there!

Even if Marie still travels all over the great west for her customers, the little hands of the coffee shop make cupcakes and designer cakes with affection. Lokman and Anneline take care of preparing these pretty edible pieces!

Brands that trust Sugar Sugar

authentic wedding cake / snickers layer cake / pink draped wedding cake
authentic wedding cake / snickers layer cake / pink draped wedding cake

The founder of Sugar Sugar, who has received no training, has a string of crazy and titanic projects. It collaborates each year with Louis Vuitton for their branches in Vendée. Last December, the Zénith de Nantes contacted Marie for Slimane’s birthday. Renowned structures such as IKEA, Apple, Galeries Lafayettes also use its services. A well-filled CV to which Puy du Fou will be added within two months, with shares of cake for more than 300 people.

Sugar Sugar’s specialty is above all weddings! If you plan to celebrate your union in the coming months, slots are filling up quickly. You will be offered tastings to test the flavors of the designer cakes (Rose Poudré, Nude Bohème, Authentique, etc.) and Marie will draw in front of you to make the cake of your dreams!

The Big City Life story: Marie likes to take up challenges! She told us that a man had made her an unusual request: to design a cake for her divorce! A request she accepted. So if like Dr Dre you want to celebrate your divorce, call Sugar Sugar 😉

You will have understood, all you have to do is take a short walk in the center of Nantes. If you’re busy (or lazy), the local and ethical delivery brand Naofood delivers their products 😉

Where? 4 Rue Guepin, 44000 Nantes
When? Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.