Successful Mole Festival 2022 in Loreto – El Sudcaliforniano

Loreto, Baja California Sur (OEM – Informex).- The first edition of the Loreto Mole Festival 2022 was held with great success, this Sunday, March 27, with the participation of traditional cooks, local and international chefs, who gave life and flavor to exquisite dishes having as main ingredient this special Mexican product, El Mole.

It should be noted that this event is part of the Ruta del Mole Internacional, being the Magical Town of Loreto, the second stop of this activity that is touring our country, as stated by the general director Chef Ariosto Antonio Camacho, accompanied by Chef Isidoro Mendez Gloria , coordinator of the event in this city, who to start thanked the support provided by local, state and federal authorities, to make this great gastronomic festival possible.

The Mole Loreto 2022 Festival, in addition to traditional Mexican cuisine, its products and flavors, featured an artistic, musical and cultural festival to the delight of attendees, as well as pleasant talks by cooks, chefs and organizers of this great celebration , since the Plaza Juárez, the heart of the historic center of this Magical Town, dressed up for a party this day, locals, nationals and foreigners, enjoyed the great event.

Enjoying a rich spring weather in Loreto, the attendees, organizers and authorities, accompanied the national director of the mole route Ariosto Antonio Camacho, the mayor of Loreto MC Paola Cota Davis and the state secretary of tourism Maribel Collins, to the traditional court of the ribbon at the main entrance to the party, to formally start with it, where they also addressed a few words to those present, inviting them to enjoy and spend a pleasant afternoon in Loreto, tasting all the delicacies prepared by Mexican hands.

After the official ceremony, guests, diners and organizers, went to the different stands installed on the main esplanade of Plaza Juárez, to taste the dishes prepared with Mole, with the style of each of the regions of our participant.

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Without a doubt, it was a great event, said the national director of the mole route, Ariosto Antonio Camacho, who stressed that other international gastronomic events are already being worked on, to continue strengthening the tourism industry through our cuisine.

To conclude and with great enthusiasm, the mayor of Loreto, Paola Cota Davis, thanked each and every one of the organizers, sponsors and volunteers who, with their effort, dedication and love for Loreto, made this great gastronomic festival possible, which we are sure to be soon will bring positive results for this tourist destination and its people.