Students and teachers of the “Lucio Lucero” School were entertained with a breakfast

The students visited Terrazas del Portezuelo together with teachers and relatives. The Minister of Education, Eugenia Cantaloube, welcomed them. The tour was part of an audiovisual work that the boys prepare for the Cultural Intercollegiate.

This Wednesday, the Ministry of Education was filled with joy with the laughter and songs of students from the Pink room of the Initial Level School (ENI) No. 1 “Maestras Lucio Lucero”. The little ones and the little ones arrived with their families, the teachers Analía Merlo, Paola Núñez and Rosa Pardo, and the director of the institution, Patricia Puebla.

In the place they were received by the head of the educational portfolio, María Eugenia Cantaloube, who entertained them with a breakfast in her office.

The visit to Terrazas del Portezuelo consisted of making a video with which they will participate in the Cultural Intercollegiate. Its theme is the Falklands War. For this reason, the girls and boys were characterized with their clothes, specially prepared by their families. Soldiers, nurses, mothers and dancers were the main characters during the morning at the Ministry of Education. The same students told the minister everything they had learned about the Malvinas.

Regarding the visit, the minister stated: “We are very happy that they were able to come. They are all ready for the recording of the video that they are going to make, and of which we had a small preview. They had a visit from Malvinas ex-combatants at the school and based on those experiences they will make the video. It is very important that the little ones know the history of the Malvinas and that they do it through the story of the ex-combatants is essential”, said the minister.

“We open the doors of Terrazas so that they can get to know us and ask us questions. It was a beautiful and relaxed moment. Breakfast is part of this, getting to know each other from another place, getting to know us at open doors, listening to the entire educational community, and this time also with the parents who accompanied the little ones. It’s wonderful, so I’m very happy,” added Cantaloube.

The teacher Analía Merlo expressed: “It is a great joy to come and that the minister receives us. We came to record a video to participate in the Cultural Intercollegiate. It is a tribute to our San Luis heroes, whom we hug strongly and, especially, to Juan Carlos and Néstor, who are ex-combatants who visited us in the garden and gave a talk to the little ones, so this tribute is for them and for all the puntanos heroes”.

Note and photos: Ministry of Education Press.