Students and teachers of the “Bernardino Rivadavia” had breakfast with the Minister of Education

After doing an educational tour of Terrazas del Portezuelo, the more than 50 5th grade students were received by the head of the educational portfolio, Eugenia Cantaloube, with whom they spoke and shared a breakfast of chocolate, mate cocido, invoices and pancakes. .

52 girls and boys, 5th grade students of the “Bernardino Rivadavia” School No. 2, accompanied by their teachers, took a guided tour of the Terrazas del Portezuelo complex, to get to know every corner, its history, tour the museum through open sky and climb the Bicentennial Landmark. With a previous study of everything it has to offer, in Terrazas they were able to reinforce all that knowledge and their feeling of Puntanidad.

Halfway through that tour, the Minister of Education, María Eugenia Cantaloube, invited them to share a breakfast. Between hot chocolate and croissants, questions arose, such as: “Minister, do you like working here?” or “Is recess mandatory?”, were the triggers that started a particular dialogue in the office. Then the boys could feel like ministers for a moment sitting at the minister’s desk, while Eugenia herself took pictures of them.

Melina, one of the students who visited the Government House, expressed: “I really liked Terrazas. Before I had come with my mom to get my tablet and she interested me in the place. Today the minister received us and we were able to speak with her.” Meanwhile, her partner María Luz said: “I liked Terrazas del Portezuelo. I had come to a tour when I was in 2nd grade. This time we were with the minister and the breakfast was very tasty”.

For her part, Claudia Carrizo, a teacher at the institution, said: “We are very happy about this visit to Terrazas del Portezuelo. Previously we worked with the children in the classroom regarding the fact that it is the first ecological building that we have in San Luis. The idea arose from a project proposed by a group of teachers, since for this year more outings with the children have been proposed to different places in our province that our students do not know. The idea is to take them to different historical places in our province”. She also commented: “The boys were received by the minister. They chatted with her and they’re delighted with her, so it’s been a beautiful gesture from her.”

The students filed out of the Ministry, but not before promising the minister that there would be no more discussions when it came to playing football at recess.

After the meeting, Eugenia stated: “For me it has been a great pleasure to receive you with your teachers from different areas. They previously studied the subject matter before coming, such as, for example, what our ministry encompasses, what it represents. They asked us questions and we were able to talk with them and the truth is that this is the path of rapprochement, of listening, not only with the children but also with the teachers. The Ministry of Education is also going to be together with them in the schools, but it is also important to open the doors of Terrazas del Portezuelo and tell their story”.

And he concluded: “This is not only a moment of recreation, but a moment of enormous learning. The boys told me everything they learned before coming and that is spectacular and we are going to accompany them and we are going to continue on this path. That is why for the occasion we waited for them with breakfast, we were able to chat, they were able to express what they wanted, so it was a very gratifying moment”.

Note and photos: Ministry of Education Press.