Start your Sunday with a delicious Russian salad with tuna for your fresh breakfast these hot days

Every day it is hard to get up to start the day. Often the only thing we want is to sleep a little longer, because it is the last day of rest and the truth is that we would not change it for anything, because it is our moment familywhere we take the opportunity to live with everyone who lives at home, since it is the day that everyone rests. However, it is also the day when we do not want to put much effort into cooking.

For the days when we just want to chat and eat something lightbecause we don’t feel like anything else, because we are also on a diet and we want to optimize our food, salads are always a good option. Especially, because they can contain just everything we need to start the day, thanks to the great variety of their elements, starting with the fruit and vegetables they contain, plus their dressings.