Start your day with some tasty apple pancakes; here the recipe

If there is something really difficult it is to start any day. It’s always complicated, because no one wants to leave behind our little bed, all padded, with sheets instead of blankets because it’s hot and that atmosphere of warmth with pampering that is in the bedroom, but unfortunately, the day goes on and you have to get up sooner or later no matter what. Fortunately, on Sundays, you can always sleep a little longer.

All the Sundays it’s a bittersweet daybecause on the one hand, we rest and on the other, we get sad because the next morning we go to work, as if nothing had happened and we also have to bring a lot of enthusiasm and all the attitude to not suffer so much, but that does not always happen. Although, it can be achieved when you have a very good breakfast and without fear of anything, especially those foods that according to you do not look very appetizing, but do magic to make them the best for you.