Start your day with a tasty oatmeal atole with banana, an energetic and nutritious drink

It is always difficult to start any day, but above all the Sundaysbecause we cannot get our body used to the fact that on that very day we can get up later for the second time in a row. as i said Rocio durcal: “There is no doubt that it is true that habit is stronger than love” and in this case, that the desire to sleep more and not get up until the bed decides to spit us out.

However, once we take the bull by the horns, the truth is that we resign ourselves to the fact that very early we lose sleep and then we proceed to prepare the breakfast. Yes, the one that we almost always do with a time limit, because we have to go to work or leave to go to our job and this takes minutes away from us so we can prepare something a little more elaborate like first food.