Sports convened a press breakfast with the Jáchal media

Pleasant moment to talk, update the media and journalists of Jáchal on the scope of the different sports programs implemented by the Sports Secretariat, learn about the news and needs of the local media and exchange opinions, listen to suggestions and be at the service of journalists jahalleros, was the excuse for a breakfast organized to serve the local media.

In this way the secretary George Girlaccompanied by the Undersecretary of Federated Sports and High Performance, leonardo flowers and the director of High Performance, Mario Artesshared the meeting with journalists from Radio Libertad, Radio Activa, Radio Nacional, Jáchal Vision, Radio Norte, Jáchal Magazine, Actualidad Jachallera and Radio Vip.

Javier Llanos, director of Radio Nacional Jáchal, commented: “The truth is that I am proud and happy that this type of activity can be carried out permanently at the provincial level and I say permanently, because approximately 6 years ago, when Governor Sergio Uñac began his administration, he began the Sports Revolution, because it was understood that it was a state policy, and one who had the opportunity to go through public service, understands that the clubs were in the depths of the province, many of them in remote areas, and being able to reach with the Sports Revolution with the assistance that is done, it is very important for those clubs and for the province. Our media and the press area are available to spread the sport”.

Another of the local journalists who reflected the importance of this meeting was Marcelo Mallea, from Jáchal Vision: “It was an important meeting during their visit to the department, for which we feel happy and grateful for all the work they are doing throughout the province, but specifically in the department of Jáchal. Thank them for so much company and that they continue betting on sports throughout the province of San Juan”.

Alexander Guajardoa journalist for Radio Nacional and Jáchal Magazine, also gave his opinion and commented: “The truth is that the meeting was interesting, because from a journalistic point of view, he was able to make certain appraisals about the arrival of the Sports Revolution in a department like Jáchal. , which has generated a lot of inclusion and many possibilities for the athlete of the department to dream of, and who has the possibility of doing, not only inclusion sports, but also high performance, so I congratulate that all the government structures go out to the departments, that they will be very well received, as in Jáchal”.

Just as the journalists from Jáchal were able to enjoy two days in full with all the teams of the Sports Secretariat, the journalists from Jachaleros residing in our province closely followed the approach to their beloved Jáchal, and from the perspective of the resident in the city capital of the province, gave their opinion on the arrival of sports programs in their hometown, on their importance, and on the contact between sports officials and the local press.

In this way, Nestor Cano, journalist and rapporteur for Radio la Voz, told us: “I think it is very important, especially in remote departments, when the State brings together the different areas of government, and in this case sports, that it go out and make contact with the remote departments that are the most difficult to reach. I think it is very good because there are institutions that have stopped working because they are not up to date, people from the neighborhood and inhabitants of those localities, with many dreams that they cannot achieve because they cannot receive a subsidy, because they are not in order with legal status, and it is difficult for them to come and go to the city and this advice shortens time and distance. It is very important that the state is present with the institutions and in this case, with the Secretary of Sports”.

Regarding the contact with his colleagues in Jáchal, he commented: “The meeting with the press is very important, since it is difficult for journalists from the interior to make contact with officials, to talk about various topics, that is why I think this is very good. for the journalists of Jáchal, who keep alive each of the sports activities in their department. The other areas of government should also imitate this excellent idea, it would be very good and very important for the state to be present in each of the departments and especially in the remote ones”.

Another of the proud jachaleros is paul karki, who also works on radio on Radio La Voz, who sentenced: “I think it’s fantastic that the secretary can assist remote departments. I am a jachalero and I am proud that an entity as important as the Secretary of Sports looks at the boys in the department, in the boys who really need assistance and who can have that support seems fantastic to me. The help with materials for the clubs, because they need many things, and of course, as for the directors, it is phenomenal, that they receive help from this entire team to receive assistance and that they can obtain subsidies, which the clubs really need . It seems very productive to me that Sports collaborates with the clubs, so that everyone has the opportunity to have their papers in order, it is a wonderful gesture, especially from Jorge Chica for all sports in the province and especially for my dear Jáchal”.