Spanish unleashes criticism for preparing chilaquiles with Valentina and Tajín sauce

A national woman Spanish raised all kinds of criticism due to its unusual recipe for a traditional typical Mexican dish: the Chilaquiles. Although this classic of Mexican breakfasts is usually prepared with green tomatoes or tomatoes and chili, the tiktoker thought it was a good idea to make them with Valentina sauce and chili powder known as Tajín.

In the video we see the Tiktok user @amparogonzalez996 announce that she is already late to cook dinner for her husband, but that she will make Chilaquilesat the same time indicating that he will teach the recipe to those who do not know it.

Then we see the woman pour into a glass of water Tajin chili powderand later drops of valentine sauce because, the woman assures, the dish needed itching.

Amparo prepares her chilaquiles sauce in a glass. Photo: Tiktok.

“I hope my husband likes them (…) I already have the sauce for the Chilaquiles and the hard tortillas are missing,” he says.

Next, Amparo proceeds to cut the tortillas into triangles and fry them, mentioning that you have to turn them one by one. She also comments that you have to make them hard to avoid watery chilaquiles.

“I think it’s almost over, they look more toasty and I think we have to put the chili on them, because there are times when Chilaquiles they are watery and not always hard”.

Although the tortillas still don’t look quite fried, she proceeds to pour out her water mixture, Valentina and Tajin into the pan and within seconds of doing this, she laughs and comments that “they look so weird.” She then serves them with her classic cream, cheese, onion and rice for her husband to eat.

The chilaquiles with Valentina during and after their preparation. Photo: YouTube.

The video caused a lot of controversy, before which the woman proceeded to upload a new video defending her recipe for Chilaquiles.

“The morning video caused a lot of controversy. Those Chilaquiles with Tajin my husband loves them,” she said.

The video raised all kinds of comments, most criticizing what the public of TikTok described as a bad recipe, although many also took it with humor.

“Poor husband and future bb. How badly eaten they will be. Today is when I appreciate knowing how to cook 100% Mexican food for my mother.” “I remembered Anahí’s enfrijoladas.” “It’s an insult to Mexican cuisine,” were some of the comments.

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