Some infusions that can be used to replace coffee in the morning

We have talked several times about the importance of starting the day with a breakfast full to take care of our health, but also to have enough strength to carry out our daily work, which tends to be longer and more exhausting. Fruit, cereals and dairy should not be missing from breakfast and it is important to rule out saturated fats, although from time to time we can allow ourselves the occasional whim.

To the products we have mentioned for a breakfast idealYou can also add some turkey or Serrano ham, white cheese, quince or natural fruit jams. And, of course, we must not forget a drink to help us start the day with energy, where many people opt for coffee.

Tea is a healthy companion for your breakfast

The Cafeteria It’s a good choice, but it doesn’t suit everyone. With the Cow milk something similar happens when we want to mix it with cocoa. Therefore, a good solution is drink a teathat in addition to being very healthy, there are many flavors and you can combine it with both water and milk, which does not have to be from cow, but can be from soy, just to give an example.

Red tea

Red tea, an option for your mornings

What kind of tea or infusion?

A tea or an infusion It will always do our body good. There are numerous studies which have been shown by different benefits that these drinks contain. However, there are teas and infusions that are more recommended at one time or another of the day due to the effects they have. And also, as we said, there are many flavors to choose from, so it is not an easy choice.

A general level, the most recommended for breakfast are:

has black: since it contains substances that act on the central nervous system, helping us to start the day with energy. In addition, it provides a feeling of satiety that will help you keep your figure if you are watching your weight. Other benefits of this type of drink is that it is diuretic, comforting, astringent and antioxidant.

It has red (Pu Erh): Helps you improve your mood. Do not forget that it is very important to feel good about yourself so that this is reflected internally and externally. It is also a great digestive, acts as a fat burner and fights cholesterol.

has chai: especially recommended for those people who have to study or carry out activities that require an effort of concentration in their work life. It is also very digestive, cardioprotective and anticancer.

infusions: except those that are to relax, which are much less recommended, any of them can be good because it calms our body and offers us a sensation of indescribable pleasure.