Social tourism: registration reopened for vacations for $1,200 per day with hotel, breakfast, lunch and dinner

After one of the most successful summer seasons in Argentine history, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports wants to continue promoting trips to the interior of the country. And those who want some vacations for a very affordable pricee to escape from the routine or relax for a weekend they will be able to access the inRemaining subscription to travel in April to the Chapadmalal and Embalse hotels.

The only difficult choice that tourists will have to make is whether to enjoy the beaches of the Atlantic Coast of Buenos Aires or whether to rest in the mountains of Cordoba. Everything else is already covered: for only 1,200 pesos per day, you can access a hotel with breakfast, lunch and dinner included, thanks to an investment of 960 million pesos made by the national government to value two tourist complexes that shone during the first presidency of Juan Domingo Perón.

What BAE Businesses had anticipated exclusivelyfrom December 15 reopened the tourist units of Chapadmalal and Embalseaimed at families who would like to enjoy a well-deserved vacation after almost two years in which the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic gave no respite. And the results arrived: the Argentine Confederation of Medium-sized Enterprises (CAME) highlighted in a balance that spending at constant prices was 20% higher than in 2020, before the arrival of Covid-19, and 97% higher than in 2021. A record number of tourists and “excellent results”.

Holidays in Chapadmalal and Cordoba

According to the Government, the remaining registrations correspond to the Family and Individual Planwhich is aimed at all people who travel in family groups or individually. In the historic complexes you can enjoy tourist, sports, recreational and cultural activities.

“The Ministry of Tourism and Sports is in charge of managing the Units and guarantees affordable rates, prioritizing access to vulnerable sectors. In parallelthe ambitious Works Plan continuesthat will reach all the hotels of both complexes, to continue expanding the offer of places and activities for Argentines and Argentines”, informed the portfolio directed by Matías Lammens in a statement.

How much does it cost? The base rate, per day and per person is $1,200. The families and individuals plan includes category A hotels (with a shared bathroom between two rooms). Of course: transportation is not included in the service and is the responsibility of the tourist.

There are also other prices:

No fee:

  • Under 2 years
  • Agents and companion included in Decree No. 618/87

Reduced rate: they pay 50% of the base rate

  • Persons and minor children who receive a monthly income less than or equal to 2 Minimum Vital and Mobile Salaries, a condition that must be accredited.
  • Holders of the South Atlantic War Veterans Life Pension.
  • People with Disabilities and a companion.
  • Minors from 2 to 9 years inclusive.

Thus, if a typical family decides to go on vacation for a week and only the room where they stay has a shared bathroom, the total to pay will be 25,200 pesos. On the other hand, if the room has a private bathroom, a typical family will pay a minimum of 33,600 pesos for their vacations.

$1,200 Vacation Registration

Those who wish to start planning their vacations on the Atlantic Coast or in the Sierras de Córdoba should sign up through the “Remote Procedures” platform, but the receipt of the procedure does not ensure obtaining the places.

In addition, the National Directorate of Social Tourism confirmed that there two phone numbers to answer all the doubts of the users: (54–11) 4951-6099 and WhatsApp (54–11) 4026-4232.

Those who want to take advantage of this offer to vacation, should take into account that the maximum time to stay at the Chapadmalal and Embalse Tourist Unit, Córdoba, will be seven days.

what dates are available

In April:

Places available in Chapadmalal Tourist Unit:

  • Date of admission: 04/12/22 to 04/18/22
  • Remaining Enrollment Date (for free places): 03/06/22 and 03/07/22
  • Notification Week (notification of the allocation of places, or the denial thereof, through the TAD portal): 03/14/22 to 03/18/22

Places available in Chapadmalal and in Embalse:

  • Date of admission: 04/19/22 to 04/25/22 and 04/26/22 to 02/05/22
  • Remaining Enrollment Date (for free places): 03/13/22 and 03/14/22; 03/20/22 and 03/21/22, respectively
  • Notification Week (notification of the allocation of places, or the refusal of them, through the TAD portal): 03/21/22 to 03/25/22 and 03/28/22 to 04/04/22, respectively

More dates will be available soon.

The hotel complexes of Chapadmalal They had their heyday in the 50’s and, little by little, they were losing their essence. They fell into disrepair, either due to little or no maintenance, but this year the national government decided to “rescue” them.

Of the nine hotels, only four of them were recovered. “These emblematic hotels are part of our architectural, historical and emotional heritage, and we are putting them in value so that more and more Argentines can enjoy the right to vacation,” said the Minister of Sports and Tourism, Matías Lammens.

The Tourist Unit of Embalse in the mountains of Córdoba

The Cordovan complex was inaugurated in 1946 and fell into disrepair in 1951. Currently, has seven hotels and 50 housesmedical service, a sports center, swimming pools, inns on the beach, cafeteria and museum.

From the Ministry of Tourism, they affirm that “location is excellent”due to its proximity to Lake Reservoir.