So you can prepare these delicious Mayan chilaquiles at home, you will love them

Godin who respects himself enjoys some delicious Chilaquiles Fridays at the office. Many of us will not be able to deny that at least on Fridays it is the law to go and buy some good Chilaquiles For everyone in the office, it doesn’t matter if they are green or red, the important thing is to have them, and that is because chilaquiles are one of the best options we have and one of the most important gastronomic traditions.

coming from the word chilaquilli of the Nahuatl Chilean = “aji and quintil = seasoning herb” which was later changed to chilaquilhas as meaning “typical Mexican dish made with corn tortillas, torn apart and cooked in sauce”. Despite this, it is also said that its first version is said to have been the aztecs the first ones that created the clash of cultures in New Spain, while others assure that they arose in a convent.