Skyrocketing prices, the top ten price rises in Puglia. On the podium seed oil, salad in a bag and butter

From + 23.3% of seed oil to + 6.2% of ice cream the expensive bills triggered in 2021, then fueled by the war, infect the prices in the shopping cart with increases that now affect all food products and hit families’ budgets hard, starting with over 200,000 Apulians who find themselves in conditions of absolute poverty , with inflation that had already made its weight felt in Bari in February with the price of tomato puree jumped by + 42% to butter by + 134%. This is what emerges from the analysis by Coldiretti Puglia, on the occasion of the Istat inflation surveys in March 2022, which increases overall for food and drinks by 6.7%, while already in February, according to the MISE Price Observatory, the increases were double-digit compared to the previous month.

In fact, in just 30 days the MISE has detected in the capital city of the region – explains Coldiretti Puglia – price increases of 5% for mozzarella fior di latte, 21% of salads in bags, 8% of skimmed milk and 90% for highly digestible skimmed milk, 10% seed oil, 27% pasta, in addition to significant increases for tomato puree and butter and substantially for most foodstuffs.

If prices for families run, driven by expensive energy and war, the increase in costs hits hard – specifies Coldiretti Puglia – the entire agri-food chain, with the remuneration recognized to farmers and breeders who are now unable even to cover production costs. More than 1 farm in 10 (11%) is in such a critical situation as to lead to the cessation of the activity but well about 1/3 of the national total (30%) is in any case forced at this moment to work in a condition of negative income due to the increase in production costs.

A tsunami that hit farms in an avalanche with increases in the purchase of fertilizers, packaging, diesel, tools and machinery that are putting farm budgets in crisis. In the countryside – continues Coldiretti Puglia – there are increases in costs ranging from + 170% of fertilizers to + 90% of feeds to + 129% for diesel with increases in current costs of over 15,700 euros on average but with peaks over 47 thousand euro for dairy farms and peaks up to 99 thousand euro for chicken farms, according to the study by Crea.

To be penalized more with the greater percentage increases in current costs – continues the regional Coldiretti – are precisely the cultivation of cereals, from wheat to corn, which the country needs due to the explosion in the expenditure of diesel oil, fertilizers and seeds and uncertainty about selling prices with prices at the mercy of market speculation. In difficulty greenhouses and nurseries for the production of plants, flowers, but also vegetables and vegetables followed by dairy stalls.

It is necessary to intervene to contain expensive energy and production costs with immediate interventions to save companies and stables and structural measures to plan the future – concludes Coldiretti – working immediately for supply chain agreements between agricultural and industrial companies with precise qualitative and quantitative objectives and prices. equities that never fall below production costs as required by the new law to combat unfair practices and speculation “.


Seed oil (sunflower, corn, etc.) + 10%
Salad in bag + 21%
Butter + 134%

Mozzarella fior di latte + 5%

Skimmed milk 8%

Highly digestible skimmed milk 90%

Tomato puree + 42%
Pasta + 27%
Source: Coldiretti Puglia elaboration on MISE Price Observatory data