Skipping breakfast increases the risk of obesity

According to the review of studies “The breakfast paper and its quality in the health of children and adolescents in Spain” of the Danone Institute, children who do not eat breakfast have 43% more risk of obesity than children who have a drink before going to school.

The conclusions of this review of studies, which has been published in the journal “Nutrición Hospitalaria”, have served as a basis for the Spanish Nutrition Foundation FEN to raise awareness among the population about how important breakfast is for the health of the population. in general and especially for the health of children and adolescents.

Some experts believe that energy intake from breakfast could prevent weight gain because calories are metabolized more efficiently earlier in the day. Nutrition experts advise that breakfast covers 20% of the daily energy requirements.

As explained by one of the authors of the review of studies, Dr. Luis Moreno Aznar, “Some studies show that those who skip breakfast also have less healthy eating habits in general and are more sedentary, which could explain the relationship between weight and breakfast ”.

Although most children eat breakfast, few do it correctly.

Although according to the ANIBES study, the majority of Spanish children (93%) eat breakfast daily, according to another study (the ALADINO investigation), only 2.8% eat the three essential food groups for breakfast: dairy products, cereals and fruit.

Almost half of the children (49.7%) have a dairy breakfast, basically milk or yogurt and a food belonging to the cereal group (biscuits, bread, breakfast cereals, etc).

The Aladino study also shows that the habit of eating breakfast daily is lower in heavier children, and another study (the Monzani et al. study) shows that the majority of children/adolescents who did not eat breakfast were overweight or obese and that Skipping breakfast was associated with a worse cardiometabolic profile.