Six fruits that are confused with vegetables

MEXICO CITY, May 10 (EL UNIVERSAL).- Botany divides the foods obtained from the plant kingdom into two large main fields, fruits and vegetables.

Popular use usually associates a fruit with its use in sweet cuisine, while vegetables are considered ingredients for savory dishes.

In definition, fruits are those foods that contain one or several seeds and that are born from the fertilization of the ovule of a flower, which when ripe, loses its petals, pistils and other characteristic elements to give way to the fruit.

In the case of vegetables, these have different divisions. The term refers to all the edible elements of a plant that are not fruits, that is, stems, roots and leaves, to name a few.

The word “vegetable” is used and accepted as a synonym for vegetable; however, strictly speaking, vegetables are those vegetables in which the green color predominates.


Under the botanical definition, it is a fruit, since this delicious ingredient, in all its forms, varieties and sizes, is produced from a flower, in addition to containing a large number of seeds inside.

Although the most common tomato preparation is in savory dishes, it can be used as a sweet element in jams or cakes.


This fruit is easily confused, because the green color misleads us, making it look like a vegetable. In addition, fruits are associated with a sweet taste, while cucumber tends to be neutral and sometimes slightly bitter, flavors that seem more familiar in the range of vegetables.


Mexican gastronomy uses avocado as a strictly salty ingredient. To make guacamole, sauces or as a garnish in some good tacos. Despite popular belief, the avocado is a fruit, because it is born after the pollination of a flower, in addition to the fact that the seed inside makes it belong to that classification.

Luckily, there is more and more experimentation with the flavor and properties of avocado in the sweet world, which is why it is possible to find avocado ice cream, as well as cakes or mousses made from this fruit.


The favorite ingredient in Mexican cuisine is a fruit. That’s right, thanks to the maturation of a pollinated flower we can obtain all kinds of chilies. The variety that you imagine, before it was a flower and now it is a fruit, so maybe you are eating the necessary quota of fruits per day.


The chayote grows on a climbing plant, it is completely green, thick-skinned and some varieties even have thorns. This intimidating food is actually a fruit, as it contains a soft seed inside that makes it belong to this classification.


The Cucurbitaceae family belongs to fruits, although strictly speaking the fruit can also be considered a berry, since the flower does not lose its structure. The advantage of this type of fruit is that you can enjoy the pumpkin and the flower, since both are edible.