Silva announces the creation of committees in defense of school breakfast at the national level

The Deputy Minister of Defense of User and Consumer Rights, Jorge Silvareported on Monday the decision to form defense committees for school breakfast in the face of irregularities observed in the municipality of La Paz, after holding a meeting with leaders of school boards.

“A meeting was held with leaders of school boards. In this context, the conclusion was reached to form a consumer defense committee for school breakfast between the Vice Ministry of Defense of User and Consumer Rights and the school boards of public educational units in the municipality of La Paz, committee that will also be formed at the national level”, confirmed the Vice Minister, according to a press release from the Ministry of Justice and Institutional Transparency.

After complaints from fathers and mothers, last week various verifications were carried out in different educational units of the Government headquarters, where the existence of expired products in the school breakfast package was confirmed.

He warned that around 300 schools could have received these products due to the lack of control by the companies and the lack of supervision by the Autonomous Municipal Government of La Paz.

“We have delivered these products to the National Agricultural Health and Food Safety Service (Senasag) and the Bolivian Institute of Metrology (Ibmetro) for a technical report; now, we are waiting for the results to take other actions in the framework of consumer protection”, said Silva.

If it is verified that the products are not fit for human consumption, a maximum penalty of 10,000 UFV can be issued.

“Hopefully today they will let us know the report and based on it, we are going to process and activate what the norm sends us. We are talking about around 350,000 school breakfast rations that would have been distributed on average; This type of control is also being carried out in Sucre, Oruro and Cochabamba”, he pointed out. /abi