“She is ignorant and…” – Paparazzi Magazine

Yanina Latorre and Ana Rosenfeld faced each other a few days ago live on LAM when the lawyer silenced the hottest little angel on the panel. Thus, chaos was unleashed in the study that later followed in social networks and today had the highest peak of scandal.

Tired of crossing with her partner, Yanina Torres He went out to download on Instagram: “He threatened to sue me for retweeting. Imagine that she reported the son of the best friend. That’s the panelist attorney. I’m going to tell because I got hot the other day.”

At LAM we are a team with a lot of people not like her who is ignorant and thinks that she is only a driver and six panelists. This lady doesn’t register the rest and tells them ‘baby or baby who brings me a Sprite zero?’ She doesn’t do it like everyone else who buys what she wants. If you want an assistant put twine”, he continued.

You are miserable. She doesn’t understand the code of her work, she doesn’t like anything that her costume designers bring her. One day she told them that she wore imported clothes, she went the girl to a wholesale importer. ‘I’m going to invite you to my dressing room. I wear Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana ‘she threw it at her. Don’t break the balls, it’s unbearable. That woman drives me crazy”, she continued angrily.

And continued: “It bothers me that he sucks stockings, he doesn’t tell the truth, he defends the indefensible. He made me shut up at a time when we were doing well because it was the peak of ratings. No ma’am, shut the fuck up, look at me and learn what it’s like to be a panelist. If you were clean you wouldn’t lower grades, you would show your face and explain”.

One day when Estefi Berardi told her that she had the data that she had lost a lawsuit against Google, she denied everything. Later we went to eat and she told him: ‘Never again on air do you contradict me and say things.’ He threatened her. Skinny if they don’t make me shut up live it’s because I serve the program and it’s for something”, he sentenced.

enraged with Rosenfeld added: “He said given to China Suárez. I can disagree with China but from there to tell her that she was given away on a served platter… and we let her pass. She called Nazarena and Estefi to ask her which side she was on. My advice would be that you go, learn, close the ortho and learn from your colleagues.

Closing his controversial release, Tower He launched: “I swear on the life of my children that I have proof of everything. Think about it because I have everything with proof. Sometimes it is better to say that the other person is right or to be silent because I have nothing to hide.”.

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