She is 17 years old, she took her baby to class because she had no one to leave her with and the rector’s reaction went viral

The student attended school with her baby in her arms. She had no one to leave her with and the rector received her with a good breakfast for both

When Lucía, a 17-year-old teenager, came to the classroom with her baby Justina because she had no one to leave her with, she encountered a situation that never ceases to generate surprise outside the school she attends, N°8 Gral. Manuel Belgrano, from Entre Rios. Her rector Doriana Casco, in addition to allowing her to enter without causing difficulties, asked that the girl be served a delicious breakfast and the best care possible, so that her mother could study without problems. It’s not the first time she’s done it. Justina is the “babe of the school”.

More and more kids are dropping out of high school. And an empathetic teacher can always make a positive impact on a struggling student. Doriana Casco perfectly understands the complex daily situation that adolescent mothers who attend the institution go through. The responsibilities they have are the same that she must face any family when she does not have help to care for her children. Therefore, while they raise their children, she encourages them to continue forward and be able to fulfill both tasks: those of being mothers and students.

“She comes to school as a child. She is a loving girl and here we welcome her with open arms; this is not the first case”, said the teacher. “There is also another mother, and we try to help each other. We must empathize and accompany, this is where we must lead by example and educate future generations”, he assures Infobae.

The little girl in the classroom with her mother in a photo that was posted on Facebook by one of her classmates
The little girl in the classroom with her mother in a photo that was posted on Facebook by one of her classmates

At only 17 years old, she is a mother and has a beautiful daughter. She today she had to take her daughter to school. Keep it up, every effort has its reward”Melissa, one of her classmates, wrote in a Facebook post that she accompanied with two photos of the little girl in the classroom. The institution replicated those images: “The school giveaway”he wrote, adding the emoticon of the smiley face with hearts in the eyes.

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Doriana is 47 years old, was born and lives in Santa Elena, Entre Ríos, and has been the rector of the school since 2015. At the age of 14, he decided to study as a teacher of History, career that began in 1993 and ended at the age of four, and has been in practice since 1998. This vocation, which was discussed with Lawyers (which he gave up because it meant moving to Santa Fe), meant three years of effort and many hours of travel because in those years he had to travel more than 41 kilometers daily to the town of La Paz. He lived there for a few years and, unable to afford living costs, returned to his house.

Teaching has always fascinated him, above all, for being able to mentally transport his students to the past and bring them to the present, helping them to understand not only the timeline but also the importance that the decision of a person or a small group has in the history of a society.

Doriana Casco, the rector of the Entre Ríos school, wants to lead by example empathy.
Doriana Casco, the rector of the Entre Ríos school, wants to lead by example empathy.

From that place she stands as a teacher, determined to do something more than teach about a subject, but to educate for life. Lucía is not the only mother who goes to school. There are some more and a few years ago there were others. It is not common for them to come with their children, except in an emergency, and when that happens we believe that it is necessary to help them, we have to be there”, she says without stopping expressing her pride because, despite everything, they continue to bet on education.

Although a few days ago the image of the baby in the classroom went viral on the networks, the director says that it was not the first time that Justina entered class. “We have known her since she was very young. because there were other times when Lucía couldn’t leave her with her mother, who is the one who helps her, and brought her with her. She is like our baby because we all love her and take care of her when she comes. And Justina is not the first baby they brought either, there were other students who came with their children in the same situation,” she recalls.

At school they always serve breakfast and snack to the students. When mother and daughter arrived, the rector put the staff in charge of food. prepare something tasty for him. One of the teachers had already told her that Lucia’s mother had a medical shift, and that she was not going to be able to take care of her. And so as not to be missing, Lucia would bring her, says Doriana.

Last year was the first time that the baby came to school: “The course, when she was in 4th year, she had to prepare a number for the school party and Lucía took her and she was in the care of the music teacher. I didn’t manage to photograph them together because when I arrived they were leaving, but it was also one of the beautiful moments we shared. She is a very dear baby, ”she assures.

The little girl received a good breakfast at the request of the school principal and the photos were seen on Facebook
The little girl received a good breakfast at the request of the school principal and the photos were seen on Facebook

Happy about how well received the news was in other schools (where the same thing happens when mothers arrive with their children) and in the town of Santa Elena, she defines the baby: “She was always very calm, used to being among big people . She usually sleeps straight through the morning.”

In the case of pregnant students and mothers, the school contemplates a special assistance system so that they do not miss the school year or fall behind in class content. “They have the possibility of missing more days than the other students, for obvious reasons, and they are also scheduled to breastfeed their babies: they can go out and come back or receive them at school, each one decides. In the case of Lucía, she chose to take the days of absence and adapted to the school regimen by sending the assignments and class topics. In this way, the girls come back without having to start from scratch at all and go hand in hand with the group”.

A few months after giving birth, the teenager took the summer courses to advance when she was behind and brought the newborn with her. Together they moved on to the last year of middle school. This decision was celebrated by her colleagues. “There are 25 students and everyone takes care of her and considers her a niece”, says the rector.

Thinking about the future and assuming that those who educate today may tomorrow be in a similar decision-making position, at school they are committed to teaching them from empathy and solidarity. “Thanks to the fact that the photo of the baby in the classroom toured our town, I received a message from former students who thanked me for the gesture and recalled situations that I had not had in mind and that happened when I was a teacher, also related to the maternity of the students, and they say that today they do the same. You have to be there, I insist, and lend a hand whenever you can”.

Excited, the rector remembers the difficult times she had to face. “When I took over there was a dismemberment of students in this school: we had between 27 and 30 students in four divisions, very little. This year, if all goes well, 95 students can graduate”.

The school, which has orientation in Physical Education, was selected to participate in the PISA tests and the almost 510 students are already preparing to face this new challenge.


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