She discovers that her boyfriend is unfaithful due to an incredible detail in a photo uploaded to the networks

A woman told a video from TikTok how he discovered that her boyfriend cheated on her from a specific detail of a photo uploaded to Instagram.

Jeddah was checking social media when he instantly he recognized his partner’s thumb in an image posted by a woman with a breakfast order.

Photo, infidelity and video

The woman was shocked to see her partner’s characteristic finger, and confirmed her suspicions when she realized that what he used to order for breakfast was visible.

Jeddah recounted his case in a TikTok video

Armed with enough information and courage, she he confronted his partner and soon left himalthough the man denied knowing what he was talking about.

The clip posted on the TikTok account @jeddamindtrickssoon accumulated more than 442,000 visits along with thousands of likes and comments.

She wrote in the video: “When you catch your boyfriend cheating on you because you recognized his breakfast order and thumb on another girl’s Instagram post.”

He then added: “I’m a Scorpio, what did you expect?”.

What happened in the end

After piquing the interest of people who started asking follow-up questions, Jeddah provided more details about his story.

The young woman turned all her anger on TikTok discovering another girl’s Instagram post.

Someone asked, “Was the girl a mutual friend?” And Jedda replied: “She has asked me not to involve her publicly, so I will keep her deal because she is going through the same thing as me, he lied to us both“.

“But basically neither of us knew the other existed and we each got a different excuse when we confronted him after I found the photos and messaged him,” the hoax victim added.

“I’m not sure if she’s still with him, but I didn’t contact him right away and he still maintains he didn’t cheat,” Jedda explained.

Her boyfriend's thumb and breakfast, the Jeddah tests.  Capture TikTok

Her boyfriend’s thumb and breakfast, the Jeddah tests. Capture TikTok

And he launched a very harsh conclusion: “Everything happened about a week ago, but when she and I compared what we knew, I realized that I had been cheating almost two and a half years“.

Comments on the networks

Jeddah’s story went viral and his followers soon appeared with comments.

“I recognized my ex’s foot in another girl’s Instagram story: they were together on the beach lying in the sand,” said a woman describing an almost similar scene.

Another joined: “The same thing happened to me! I recognized the breakfast order but especially a scar on his arm.”

After uploading the TikTok video, Jedda received all kinds of comments.  .  Capture TikTok

After uploading the TikTok video, Jedda received all kinds of comments. . Capture TikTok

And a third added: “The tattoos were the reason he found out my partner was in one place when he had told me he was in another.”