Shake off sleep and heat with a delicious horchata and coffee frappé for breakfast

There is nothing worse than getting up on a Monday, but fortunately this week will be shorter than any other, because there is a bridge, due to the birthday of Benito Juarez and the entrance of the spring to Mexico. In those moments, when one is drowsy, we are grateful that the former Mexican president, who did not take care of sheep in San Pablo Guelatao, Oaxaca, his land, was born 216 years ago.

We love more ephemeris that leave us to restbecause they are like a reward for our daily effort and the truth is that it is always worth disconnecting for a while to distract ourselves and go to the beach to have a drink, so that once the heat has set in, we can commemorate the birth of Don Beni, who said that “Respect for the rights of others is peace”. Well, but definitely when it comes to late tiredness, because you don’t enjoy anything if you haven’t slept enough.