Shag cake, what is this crazy cake?

Unmistakably resembling a pile of little bits of wool, the shag cake what a surprise! But on closer inspection, this ultra-fun and festive trendy cake could well seduce us!

What is a shag cake ?

shag cake literally means “long haired cake”. This slightly wacky cake comes straight from the imagination of Alana Jones-Mann, a American cake designer (182,000 followers on Instagram @alanajonesmann). Moreover, we are not really surprised by the American origin of this cake, as Americans are so creative when it comes to cake design !

The recipe itself is relatively classic since it combines Genoesecreamy – or icing – and butter cream. And it is to the latter that the shag cake owes its unique aesthetic! In fact, the buttercream is poached in such a way that it forms peaks, like thick carpet pilecovering the entire cake! In addition to this very singular texture, this thick cake is also distinguished by a characteristic pattern, often psychedelic and colorful, which largely refers to the 70s … also fond of these thick pile carpets!

How to make a shag cake ?

The secret of the shag cake? Butter cream! But before tackling it, you have to prepare the cake underneath. Traditionally, this is a relatively simple recipe, alternating layers of sponge cake and cream. Called diaper cake in the USA, it is the cake that serves as the basis for most of the creations of cake design ! Next ? All that remains is to cover the cake! We start by spreading a layer of buttercream, with a spatula, then we move on to making the hairs! For this, it is essential to equip yourself with a pocket with a nest socketthe essential accessory to raise the ‘hairs’ on your shag cake. All that remains is to vary the colors according to your desires.

If the psychedelic patterns of the 70s remain the most popular, the shag cake is available. We can play 1East degree by preparing a pompom cake, making a Christmas tree with realistic thorns, preparing a nice birthday cake… Our favorite option? The shag cakes in the shape of animals, very successful since the fluffy cake makes it possible to restore the hairy aspect of our animal friends!

The most beautiful bushy cakes on Pinterest

Want to check out the photogenicity of this trendy cake with your own eyes? We have identified for you the most beautiful specimens of Pinterest. To savor… with your eyes!


The shag cake, an amazing cake


With the look of wool pompoms


Shag cake for greedy dog


A shag cake for a birthday party


Elegant shag cake, in black and white


Shag cake cupcakes


A very artistic shag cake


The shag cake is perfect for bringing little monsters to life…


… delicious and surprising!


A patriotic shag cake


Shag cake or giant pompom?


A bohemian colored shag cake


Is there a cuter cake?


Shag cake wedding cake


A terrifying and delicious shag cake!


Gourmet bites


A cake of the most beautiful effect!


A panther heart-shaped shag cake


The shag cake, a resolutely fun cake


Pink, hearts… what more could you ask for?


Christmas tree shag cake