Sergi Belbel, Empar Moliner and Toni Cruanyes start the day with enthusiasm

Barcelona, ​​Apr 23 (EFE).- The winners of the Sant Jordi, Ramon Llull and Josep Pla awards for Catalan literature, Sergi Belbel, Empar Moliner and Toni Cruanyes, respectively, have started the day with breakfast in a central cafeteria and, despite the stormy weather, with “enthusiasm, illusion and joy”.

Speaking to Efe, Belbel, a prominent playwright who makes his debut in narrative with “Morir-ne disset”, has indicated that he is facing his first Sant Jordi as a writer with “a lot of enthusiasm, nerves and a desire to see what will happen”, although He has been keeping in touch with readers in bookstores throughout Catalonia for a few days, while preparing to premiere a new play next week.

At the same time, he believes that after two years of pandemic and masks, people “are very keen to take to the streets, after a very hard period and a few years of restraint without showing their faces. Finally, today we will see each other’s faces” , he joked.

For his part, Empar Moliner, creator of “Benvolguda”, which has been among the best-selling books in Catalan for weeks and a veteran of Book Day, has said that he is happy on a “joyful day, hoping it doesn’t rain”.

And if, in the end, water falls, “we will stop and if we have to be there until one in the morning, we will stay so that no one is left without a signature.”

Asked about anecdotes that she has experienced in other years on April 23, she recalled that there is always a reader who wants to pay her for the book, while others give her objects, after having enjoyed her books.

The journalist Toni Cruanyes, who with “La vall de la llum” won the Josep Pla award, has advanced that he has five pens in his pocket, has put on boots and has some throat lozenges and a bottle of water in his backpack because he anticipates that he will continue to contact his readers, just as he has done in recent days.

Precisely, he has stressed that what he most wants is “contact with people during the day”, talking about a book that is very autobiographical, focused on his grandfather, one of the 10,000 deceased in nursing homes during the pandemic. of coronavirus.

In the time that he has been presenting the work, “I have met many readers who have lived similar stories, who have seen their relatives die without being able to fire them.”

The book is “a tribute to an entire generation and to the families who have suffered this process and have had losses. Many people in recent days have thanked me for putting into words what they felt.”

The breakfast of the three distinguished writers with the highest awards in Catalan literature marks the start of the day, while last night, numerous political personalities, as well as editors, writers and journalists attended the traditional party of the newspaper La Vanguardia.

The Vice President of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, the Minister of Culture, Miquel Iceta, the Minister of Universities, Joan Subirats, as well as the Minister of Culture, Natàlia Garriga, the politician Pablo Iglesias and numerous writers such as Carmen Mola, Luis Landero, Inés Martín Rodrigo, Gemma Lienas, Elisabet Benavent, Empar Moliner, Melcior Comes, Sebastià Alzamora, Rafel Nadal and singers such as Rigoberta Bandini, Santiago Auserón and Loquillo were some of the attendees. EFE