Seniors 2022 breakfast by bilingual school Villas del Campo, Honduras

San Pedro Sula. Breakfast Seniors 2022 by bilingual school Country Villas It has been celebrated and now this new generation of future high school graduates treasure memories forever for their last year of high school.

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The living room The Switzerland the hotel Copantl It has been the perfect place for the youth meeting.

From 8:30 am, the future high school graduates have come to share the celebration, an activity carried out by each generation.

Breakfast Seniors 2022 by bilingual school Villas del Campo has had a brief protocol.

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Seniors 2022 breakfast by Villas del Campo bilingual school

Teacher Rebecca Zeron led them in prayer and commended God plans for each student.

Also, the founder and director Guadalupe Mejia CartagenaHe gave a speech and expressed his pride in this new generation of science and humanities graduates.

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Each of the students has taken advantage of the outdoor environment for souvenir photographs.

What’s more, touch photo booth He has set up an instant photo booth so that each of the students has a fun memory of that meeting.

Seniors 2022 breakfast bilingual school Villas del Campo

More than 20 young people have attended the event and have been very elegant, since their parents have taken care of this activity.

In addition, every detail has been taken care of with the pandemic issue, since the authorities are committed to the health and integrity of their students.

Now the VdC Class 2022 by Villas del Campo School & Institute She is ready to continue her studies towards her graduation to be celebrated in mid-June 2022.