Secture and University of the Valley of Tlaxcala presented the Eighth Gastronomic Show – El Sol de Tlaxcala

The State Governmentthrough the Secretary of Tourism (Secture), and the University of the Valley of Tlaxcala (UVT) presented the Eighth Gastronomic Show to be held on March 25 on the eve of the commemoration of the Tlaxcalteca Cuisine Day that exalts food diversity and safeguards the culinary legacy.

The director of the area of ​​Administrative Economic Sciences of the UVT, Guadalupe Méndez Guevara reported that the gastronomic sample is resumed after being suspended for two years due to the pandemic. On this occasion they have considered the installation of 11 stands in which chefs will prepare 19 traditional Tlaxcalan dishes and 11 drinks.

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The cooks participating in the sample are from the municipalities of Huamantla, Nanacamilpa, Amaxac and Contlaamong others, and will cook for about 350 people. The event will have a crecovery Bone, the points of sale are the facilities of the UVT and the Secture; the proceeds will be used for acquisition of supplies.

In addition, he indicated that 61 students from the International Tourism Degree at UVT will participate in this activitywho will implement learning received in the classroom in areas such as the logistics of tourist events, the organization and preparation of food, among other aspects.

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In the Eighth Gastronomic Show dishes such as peasant rice, black mole with chicken, chicken in pulque, pipián with chilacayote rib, spinach salad with purslane, nopal tlacoyos and drinks such as chicha water, which is a mixture of pinole and fruits, jamaica water with rosemary, infusionsas well as canyon waterto name a few.

On his chance, The Secretary of Tourism indicated that with this type of event they seek to promote traditional Tlaxcalan cuisine. It is a great event, in connection with the university, which speaks of a great alliance, a synergy of actions between both sectors and with the participation of students and citizens.

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He added that some of the cooks have been integrated into a new program by the state government, Many of them are already in the Tlaxcalan passport that they will know at the end of this month, but above all extolling our traditions, including their rituals to be able to make many of the dishes that we are going to be able to taste.

When using the word, the rector of the UVT explained that the exhibition will allow students to apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom and that undoubtedly contributes to their professional training.

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The authorities agreed that During the exhibition, all sanitary protocols will be complied withsuch as healthy distance, use of face masks and sanitization upon entry to avoid the risk of contagion of Covid-19 among the attending public.