Sebastián Yatra, consumed by nerves

Sebastián Yatra during his presentation at the Oscars. (Myung Chun/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Sebastian Yatra He fulfilled his dream of singing at the Oscars, but he could not avoid the nerves inherent in a performance of this weight. It was obvious from the start. The Colombian sang of the orguitasthe theme of Charmfilm that finally won the award for best animated film. At his intonation, Yatra could not contain the emotion and trembled as he held the microphone. In addition, her eyes were teary to the surprise of the millions of viewers. In the end, those epic details earned him the recognition of the Latin public.

of the orguitas was the stamp that Yatra printed on Charma story that stole the hearts of all of Latin America. The impact of the song was such that it received a nomination in its category. Since the eve of the awards, Yatra was transparent about her feelings. “It’s huge, super nice for our culture, because it’s also a song that became a phenomenon on social media and radio and everything”he told the AP on Friday.

In social networks, the interpretation of the Colombian has particularly shocked the Latino community. Yatra’s teary eyes did not go unnoticed by anyone. Every moment of his presentation was seasoned with the emotion of a song that captivated all the fans of Charm. Of course, in Colombia Yatra’s passion stirred the entrails of his countrymen to generate the sentimental effect that the song has as an imprint.

Yatra can confirm that the wait was worth it. It took 17 years for a song in Spanish to return to the discussion at the Academy Awards. From Jorge Drexler with Motorcycle Diariesin 2005, there was no Latino in this nomination. Sebastian’s anxiety spoke for itself. Neither all the experience nor all the awards are capable of equaling the magnetism of the Oscars.

His shaking hands and tears about to overflow and run down the microphone are the perfect symptom. Today is a graduation night for Yatra. He took his emotions to the limit to show that on big dates it is impossible to resist the passions that nest in the human spirit. That is the lesson of Sebastián Yatra.