Season your taquitos with a delicious drunk sauce; here the recipe

There is no greater pleasure for a Mexicanto eat a taco. Not just because it’s ours pan of each day, but because basically with each to bitewe are eating our identity and the truth is that we do not change that for anything. for more travels Whatever we do, the truth is that the taco place will always be special for the rest of our lives. But every self-respecting Mexican knows that an important part of this food is the sauce.

The sauces on Mexicothey are definitely the Soul from food and the truth is that they form an important part of our gastronomy for a long time. They have one ancient history and we would do wrong to try delete theminstead of accepting them and trying to incorporate them more and more in our day to day. The truth is that many times we stay in the same, because it is easy to Cookwithout venturing to discover new flavors.