Save the Children dinner in support of migrant children

Food and Travel Mexico was part of the first of four dinners with renowned chefs who organized Save the Children in benefit of migrant children. On this occasion, the chef Eduardo Garcia, from the restaurant Maximum Bistrot showed his empathy and support for this humanitarian emergency. We tell you! Photos: Elsa Navarrete and Courtesy.

What is Save the Children?

Is a nonprofit organization that, with almost 50 years in Mexico and 100 years of history that started in United Kingdominvests in childhood, every day, in times of crisis and for the future. One of its lines of work is migrant childhood. Therefore, you have installed 32 shelters in Mexico, making more than 9,614 educational, health and psycho-emotional support activities.

Migration is on the rise

Mexico is a transit country for thousands of migrants who seek to reach USA. In 2011, 53 thousand 507 children and adolescents were presented before the immigration authority, but in 2021 increased by 41% with 75 thousand 592.

Two out of 10 children are unaccompanied and their rights are constantly violated. Are victims of abuse, extreme violence, poverty, forced labor, they walk thousands of kilometers and spend months in shelters waiting for a resolution to your immigration status, without access to formal education.

dinner with cause

Chef Eduardo Garcia

Faced with this context and as one more effort to its program of Attention to children in mobility which began in 2009, Save the Children organized this dinner by chef Eduardo García, from the restaurant Maximum Bistrot in Food to Gather, an event space chef Star Jafif.

The objective? Raise funds to maintain five Technological Learning Corners (RTA), installed in migrant shelters in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua. These are educational spaces with equipment such as tablets so that children and adolescents, can access technology and continue to learn.

Successful chain of favors

This dinner was commanded by nicole betetamember of the Council of Save the Children. This businesswoman, along with her husband benny alfaro, brought together more than 40 attendees who contributed to the cause, which managed to integrate 50% of the financing required for the project.

“This is for contribute a little to girls, boys and adolescents that they are in one crisis situation on the northern border of Mexico. It is a chain of favors in which we have all helped to achieve this”, commented Nicole Beteta when thanking the success of this event and the entire team of Maximum Bistro.

imminent connection

Chef Eduardo Garcia

Everything was donated for this Save the Children dinner in favor of migrant children: ingredients, wines, service, location and labor. A) Yes, Edward Garcia prepared six dishes full of flavor that were once again faithful proof of its honest, original and fresh food.

The chef from Guanajuato migrated with his family to the US, where he spent his childhood picking fruit and vegetables. There, in the field, he acquired the knowledge of freshness, of the importance of the season and natural cycles. Later, he developed the chef’s trade by chance or necessity, and now he has also taken it to support this humanitarian emergency with which he is so closely linked.

I have this theory that the things that one needs, they will always find you. And when they contacted me to do this type of experience, it was very easy to say yes. For me this is not a job, it is an honor”, revealed the chef.

times to reflect

Save the Children

Sharing what he knows how to do with great mastery, Eduardo served a kampachi tartar tartlet with caviarfollowed by a organic chicken pâté en croûte with black truffle, served with mustard and bread. These dishes that whet the appetite were paired with House Madero Chardonnay.

Chef García’s culinary identity has been built through the local, of the freshness that each change of season brings with it and of the fair Trade. An example of this was the striped bass, very soft and white meat, with green mole and herbs from the chinampas. Meanwhile he rib-eye wagyu beef with mashed sweet potato and gravy it was a delight and even more so when it was paired with the Casa Madero Cabernet Sauvignon wine from organic grapes.

To finish off the meal, the table was decorated with a pixtle ice cream, with mamey and chocolate In sight it was delightful, but in the mouth, the sweetness of this fruit became memorable, just like this Save the Children dinner.

Save the Children

It was not so difficult to cross the border, nor did anything serious happen. I got to do it three or four times, that’s why I know the northern borders well. How sad that we have to be raising funds for these children who should not live what they go through”, affirmed Eduardo, who is grateful to be part of these programs that guarantee to transform the lives of children in Mexico.

join as defender of migrant children and donates monthly here or learn more about Save the Children on your Web page.

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