Sarah Mitchell Gellar Looks Chic in Black Bikini During Girls Trip to Mexico: ‘The Most Fun’

Sarah Mitchell Gellar


Sarah Mitchell Gellar Having the “Most Fun” Vacation Ever!

the buffy the vampire slayer Alam, 44, shared some snaps from her girls’ lodging at the Esperanza Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico on Friday, fresh, bright and completely relaxed.

“The weekend is so much fun for me…the weekend is away from home for me…so much fun,” she wrote alongside two selfies, the first of which was from her teens, short. black off-the-shoulder bikini and gold-rimmed aviator sunglasses, another day ready for sunbathing.

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In the second photo, Gellar shows off her vacation glow as she hangs in front of the ocean water, effortlessly sexy with a makeup-free face, ragged locks, and a gorgeous multi-layered gold chain necklace.

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Gellar has been posting photos on her Instagram network for the past few days and posting her vacation story, part of which can be seen sitting on the edge of the pool drinking coffee while wearing a dress on the beach with the sea in the background. She catches some rays.

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In addition to sharing his snapshots, The cruel intentions The actress also posted on her Instagram story some beautiful photos of her girl group relaxing while enjoying some time away from home.

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Earlier this month, Gellar celebrated husband Freddie Prinz Jr.’s 46th birthday — it’s International Women’s Day — with a sweet tribute on Instagram.

“It makes a lot of sense that you share that day, because there is no greater champion than you and a man who is a friend of women,” he wrote. “What it really means to be a good man is that I can’t think of anyone to raise a daughter or teach a son. Happy birthday F.P.”

Gellar and Prinz met on the set of the 1997 horror hit. I know what you did last summerAnd he married in 2002. They shared two children: a son Rocoso9, and daughter charlotte12