Santa Teresa de Jesús school teachers ask for inclusion Extended Session

Santo Domingo, DR.- A group of teachers and parents of students from the Santa Teresa se Jesús primary school asked the Minister of Education, Roberto Fulcar, to be included in the Extended Tanda program so that their students can receive the level of education they need.

The school located in the Zona Universitaria sector has approximately 602 students.

They assure that they need more time in the facilities of the educational establishment, for which they are forced to limit classes. Because when they get lunch they have to go home almost immediately. This since the schedule is until 1 in the afternoon.

During the request, Professor Rafael Romano told the CDN journalist that “for a long time the Santa Teresa school has been requesting that we be an Extended Tanda. This because the content we are teaching they cannot be given full waywe feel limited by time”.

Lyceum of the UASD teaches at Santa Teresa se Jesús primary school

According to what parents and teachers explain, the main obstacle is the presence of the Altagracia Amelia Ricart Calventi Experimental High School. Where the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), teaches a part of its students.

He also added that “this allows the process to Teaching Learning be very limited. Therefore, learning is also affected, which is why we are requesting that the UASD authorities, who have their high school there, please try to move. So that in a definitive way we can work as an extended batch”.

Meanwhile, the teacher stated that they receive the breakfast and school lunch without problem despite the fact that they are not in Extended Session. “Every day we get school breakfast and lunch without any difficulties,” assured Romano.

The construction of the physical plant for said high school, within the university campus, is more than 90% advanced. Also, its execution is in charge of the MINERD, for which they make the call so that the ministry disburses the necessary resources for the completion of said work.