Samantha Vallejo-Nágera and Dani García, awarded for their digital work

The chef and jury of MasterChef Samantha Vallejo-Nágera, the Fismuler restaurant (Madrid and Barcelona) or Dani García’s food delivery line, La Gran Familia Mediterránea, won some of The Best Digital Restaurants awards, given out yesterday.

The context, the Hospitality Innovation Planet (HIP) congress, which closed in Madrid, where Vallejo-Nágera, owner of the catering Samantha from Spain and the hotel and restaurant Tavern House (Pedraza, Soria) intervened in a video to thank The Best Digital Chef for the award and assured that it will continue to be very active on social networks because it is “a fantastic tool for the hotel industry”.

Samantha Vallejo-Nágera: Social networks are a fantastic tool for the hospitality industry

“The digitization is here to stay and you have to enjoy it and take advantage of it because it is a wonderful way of bringing our cuisine closer to our followers”, he indicated.

The award to best virtual restaurant was for the food delivery service La Gran Familia Mediterránea, promoted by Dani García (with two Michelin stars in Smoked Room, Madrid) and which allows you to choose between some of its classics, such as the oxtail brioche, as well as options of sushi, Mexican food, sandwiches or cocktails, among others.

The prize for the best virtual restaurant has gone to La Gran Familia Mediterránea, promoted by Dani García

The latest signing of La Gran Familia Mediterránea, which operates in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia, Granada, Málaga, Marbella, Seville, Córdoba and Palma through 16 kitchens, has been The Rubius, Vegeta and Willyrexwho, with the help of Dani García, have created hamburgers, pizzas, battered chicken hot dogs and various desserts.

García’s intention is to continue expanding this section, The Gaming Family, with new collaborations, including that of Ibai Llanoswith which they are negotiating the development of a chop hot dog, one of the company’s managers, Diego San Román, announced at the awards ceremony.

Garcia’s intention is to continue expanding The Gaming Family

In the The Best Digital Restaurants category, the fried chicken chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFK) won, and in the independent restaurant category, the Fismuler restaurant, with offices in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​whose chef and co-owner, Patxi Zumárraga, recognized that “positioning it on networks has been hard, but we are very proud”.

The Best Digital Restaurants is organized by the digital newspaper and for five editions are the only ones that recognize the effort and work in digital and technological management of the best independent restaurants, groups, chefs and virtual restaurants.