“Salads, with Qubik improves quality”

Large-scale distribution is increasingly demanding in the salad sector first rangedemanding a standardized product throughout the year. Certainly a complicated challenge for producers now struggling with problems of all kinds in the field and beyond.

The transplantfor example, it is believed to be one of the most critical phases of the entire crop cycle as without adequate rooting it is impossible to harvest a product in line with the requests of distributors.

The new Qubik transplanter made by the company Checchi & Magliallows to reach high quality standards, while increasing productivity thanks to 7,200 seedlings transplanted per hour per row. The machine, which specializes in transplanting pressed cubes, has just received the Silver Leaf at Fieragricola for innovation.

Federico Sannini, marketing and communication manager Of Checchi & Maglihe explained the secrets of Qubik to IFN: “The transplanter features cutting-edge technology and meets the principles of agriculture 4.0 for the Italian market. With the kit Intelligent performance control (SPC), already in use on the Trium, Dual 12 Gold and Wolf Pro transplanter models, is possible remotely monitor performance and any anomalies, as well as to provide information about the scheduled maintenance intervals. “

“The new car – continues Sannini – is available and 1 of 8 rows and can be combined with tractors from 65 to 100 horsepower. Each unit is equipped with electropneumatically controlled pliers which position the pressed cubes on the ground which descend from the belts with the utmost care and precision. In each conveyor belt there is an adjustable cube guide to measure between 3.2 cm and 5 cm, moreover, it is possible adjust the distance between the rows by a minimum of 23 centimeters and the distance on the row by a minimum of 5 centimeters. “

The Bolognese company has also taken care of the front part of the machine down to the smallest detail, equipping it with farmflex front roller which prepares and levels the soil before the transplant phase, as well as special stainless steel wheels that further level the planting area of ​​the seedlings. Each unit additionally mounts a throw up furrow openerequipped with protections to prevent the entry of the soil into the transplant area, and rear ridging plowshares that accumulate soil at the base for better rooting.

Qubik – adds Sannini – it can be easily modulated in relation to the customer’s needs, thanks to the various options that can be integrated. For example, it is possible to equip the machine of a feeler to keep the transplant depth constant and automatic, already adjusted by linear actuators that allow optimal adaptation to any type of soil. Finally, a pmultifunction digital ring for parameter control and other options such as the climatic cover and the closable side platforms for storing the boxes. “

“They have been carried out tests and demonstrations in different areas of Italy and the world and the transplanter has performed excellently and with customer satisfaction. We have already several bookings with delivery in a few days and this confirms how much the market was waiting for an efficient product like the new QUBIK ”, he reports Claudio Zarri, Che commercial managercchi & Fog.