salads still sky high, good watermelons and grapes

The great heat sells watermelons, melons and grapes and hold the peaches. At star salads which in wholesale markets arrive at exceed 2.50 euros per kgthe last cherries have low prices, they keep the apricots but the quality ones.

In Rimini good watermelons, melons and grapes but also figs

In the Rimini market, the picture of the situation was taken by Alessandro Marchese, president of Fedagro Rimini. “In this time watermelons, melons and grapes do very well. The former are sold at sustained prices, the brand Gusto Puro surpasses the euro while the remaining product of Mantua origin is 0.60 / o, 65. Mantuan melons also sell well, but without the exaltation of price as for watermelons. The net is sold for 1 / 1.20 euro per kg and the smooth one is 1.50. In this time I also sell well the yellow melon which usually starts to market from September and costs € 0.80 / 0.90 “. The third article on the podium is le grapes: “The premium item with Vittoria variety costs 2 / 2.50 euros per kg while the seedless Arra 30 costs 4.50 euros and is doing very well“.

Peaches with a good size over 2 euros, relationship with Coldiretti

The other products? “Peaches and nectarines with large size 2 / 2.50 while 0.90 / 1 euro the smaller sizes. Premium strawberries are around 18 euros per 2 kg package while a good strawberry is around 10 euros, the origin is Trento. For apricots there is a world with premium colored Nelson Royal Fruits at 1.70 / 1.80 euros per kg, most of the product from 1 to 1.50 euros. Figs are pulling a lot at 3.50 / 4 euros for the Apulian September from the Murgia“.

Vegetables? “Cluster tomatoes from 1 to 1.40 euros per kg, cherry tomatoes 1.30 / 1.50 and green egg from the beginning of the week at 1.20 / 1.30 euros and the Veronese ox heart for 1.40 euros“. Alessandro Marchese it is also an important citrus producer: “I have partnered with Coldiretti Emilia-Romagna, production and marketing must go hand in hand. Recently at a national level under the direction of president of Pisa we met the association. I think it’s the right way ”. And Marchese took his first steps in this direction.

The Sicilian market of Vittoria sees the recovery of the tomato

It is interesting to know the market prices of Victory, in the province of Ragusa, as a primary market that sets the price for Italy and internationally. The prices are lower as the other squares are supplied. Here for offers the dynamics Joseph Zarba, new president Fedagro, new membership in the south of the national association representing wholesalers. “Tomatoes are recovering, we are still working below production costs but we are recovering. The cherry fluctuates 1 / 1.17 euros against the 0.60 euros of a few days ago, the bunch now also reaches 1 euro, the Piccadilly 0.70 and the Pixel up to 0.90 euro ”. This is the most important product in this period, but there are also a some courgettes for 1 euro, the round aubergine from 0.40 to 0.50 euro per kg plus packaging. There is also white grapes from 1.10 to 1.80 plus packaging “.

In Verona the salads are over 2.50 euros, the cauliflower from Val Venosta is good

Andrea Bonizzi, agronomist and quality manager and price list of the Verona market illustrates the most important prices of the Venetian square. “Cucumbers have dropped by about 40 cents and are quoting 1 / 1.30 euro in double while frying pan comes to 1.50 euros. The aubergines stabilized at 0.80 / 1 euro the round, the long 1.10 / 1.20 while the striated 1.50 euro per kg but there are few quantities. Salads increased: the Gentile is over 2.50, lettuce is less in demand, Cappuccia over 2 euros“. Okay the cauliflower from Val Venosta at 1.20 / 1.30 while the Spunta variety potatoes from Mantua rate 0.50 / 0.55 and Cologna 0.50 / 060 per kg.

Let’s see the fruit: “Melons are stable at 0.80 / 1 euro, the smooth one holds its own above the euro. The 0.35 / 0.45 watermelons then extra goes above 0.60. It is mainly a product of Mantua. They hold the peaches with last week’s prices. In this period we are in full development of local fishing and it ends on August 15th, but there is also produced by from San Ferdinando di Puglia“. The peaches of the south have prices higher than about 0.20 euros compared to the local product and with the larger sizes they quote around 2 euros. There are still cherries: the Kordia from Trentino from 2.50 to 4 euros with an average of 3 / 3.50 but these are limited quantities.

In Cesena a wide range for figs, nectarines up to € 2.40 for larger sizes

In Cesena we see the citrus prices that do not stop sales in the summer period. The oranges from South Africa quoting 0.80 / 1 euro, the Egyptian ones arrive at 1.30 and 1.40 the Spanish. Let’s move on to South African lemons 1 / 1.40, Argentine 1 / 1.20 and from the African country the grapefruits arrive at 1.30 / 180 euros per kg.

In decline Trentino cherries at 3.50 / 4.50. Still present those IGP di Vignola which can reach 5 euros. strawberries from Trentino 5/7 euros. Fioroni figs with wide spreads: 3/6 euro. Zespri kiwifruit from New Zealand at 3.40 / 3.70 on 120/130 grams. The Pink Lady always with a good price: 2.30 / 2.50 euros. The yellow pulp nectarines from 0.80 to 2.40 for triple A while peaches stop at 2 euros. Fortune plums 1.30 / 1.50, Goccia d’Oro 1 / 1.80 and Regina Claudia from Emilia Romagna 1.80 / 2.50 euro, finally the Black € 1.20 / 2. Let’s see the grapes: 2.50 / 2.60 the seedless, the extra Sicilian Vittoria up to 3 euros and the standard one stops at 2 euros while the Black Magic can reach 2.50 euros.

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