Salads in bags: Pay attention to these details on the packaging when buying them

Those who buy salad in a bag at the supermarket should pay attention to some details of the bag or present on the packaging

For various reasons it would always be better to buy loose salad but, when we are in a hurry or for convenience, it can happen instead of choosing the one in the bag. But what to pay attention to when buying? It is often enough to keep an eye on some details of the bag.

There is no doubt that salads in bags, in most cases already washed and ready to use, are very practical but, as always, we must be careful about what we put in the cart.

In recent years we have talked to you about several cases of contamination of salads by bacteria or other microorganisms, something which, fortunately, is basically rare.

The salads in bags, in fact, are subjected to numerous safety checks and generally we can consume these products safely (if we want to be even safer, nothing prevents us from washing them again).

A recent magazine test The Lifebuoyafter analyzing 3 samples of loose salads and 3 of pre-wrapped salads – IV range, he basically promoted ready-made salads. According to this survey, they are even less contaminated with microorganisms than bulk ones, so the controls carried out by the producers seem to really work. Read also: Salad in envelope, what’s inside? The results of the new test surprise us

A test by the same magazine in 2019, however, had highlighted another type of contamination in some brands of salads in bags sold in supermarkets and discount stores in our country. On that occasion, all the products analyzed were found to be safe from the point of view of microbes (in fact they did not present traces of salmonella, Escherichia Coli and listeria) but there were, however, traces of pesticides and heavy metals inside them (always within the limits of the law. ). Read also: Salads in bags: they are full of pesticides and heavy metals. The best and worst BRANDS

To try to at least stem the pesticide problem, we can prefer organic salads but there are also some aspects of the packaging that we should take into account when choosing.

What to watch on the salad bag when buying

When shopping at the supermarket, it is very important to check these details:

  • the package must be sealed and intact
  • the package must not be inflated (sign of a possible bacterial proliferation)
  • always check the expiration date and buy the salad that has the most distant one in time (generally at the supermarket they are placed behind all the others)
  • always check that the product is actually already washed (in fact, there are also packaged salads on the market to be washed before use)

Another useful tip is certainly that, once you have bought the packaged salad, to consume it as soon as possible.

But the speech on the salad in the bag is much longer and also involves the environmental aspect of this product. To learn more, read also: Salad in envelope, everything you should know if you buy it (and why it is better to avoid)

We continue to advise you to buy, whenever possible, loose salad (cheaper and more sustainable) to always wash thoroughly before consumption. Among other things, there is a trick to do it better, we revealed it to you in this article: This is the best natural disinfectant for washing vegetables or salads (and it’s not baking soda)

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