Salad in envelope: guide for a conscious use

It is not the cheapest choice you can make, but in some situations it can help you organize a complete and healthy meal in no time. Here is a practical guide for a conscious use of the salad in a bag.

July 25, 2022
last modified on 07/25/2022

If you care about your wallet, it’s not the cheapest choice you can make. And then, let’s face it, buying a whole lettuce strain instead of thesalad in envelope you save yourself having to dispose of a plastic package. Sometimes, however, it is a practical solution that helps you to eat vegetables even when you have little time to devote to preparing meals. Maybe you came home late, you had a hard time making dinner and just can’t manage to organize a proper meal to take to the office the next day. Or you work from home, but in between call and the other you have little time to devote to your lunch break. Here, then, that the bag of salad proves to be an indispensable ally in order not to miss that quota of vegetables that allows you to reach the 5 portions of fruit and vegetables recommended every day.

There are also those who argue that using the bag version helps not to waste water during washing. Of course, it is possible to make conscious use of this product as well. There aren’t many things you need to know to avoid waste and consume a safe product at the same time. I summarize them below in three answers to three simple questions that, perhaps, you have already asked yourself a few times.

Should the salad in the bag be washed?

There are those who argue that the salad in a bag must be washed before consumption. In fact, that’s not always true. If there is a need for washing, it must be indicated on the package. And this is not the case with the salads of IV range which, by definition, are ready for consumption. The treatments they are subjected to after harvesting (which also includes a series of washes) promote freshness, quality and hygienic safety; this does not mean that they are sterile, but that if they are handled correctly the amount of microbes present in the salad is not dangerous for your health. In these cases, washing after opening is practically always a waste of water and time.

However, there are also packaged salads that are not fresh-cut products. So be careful: always check that the bag does not say that it is necessary to wash them before consumption.

How should the salad in the bag be stored?

Maintain the cold chain it is essential to guarantee the safety and quality of the salad in the bag; for this reason it must be kept strictly at low temperatures. Just think: even the washing is done with cold water, the packaging takes place in air-conditioned rooms at low temperatures and, of course, the transport is carried out using refrigerated trucks.

Unfortunately, you cannot know if whoever handled your salad bag before you respected the cold chain. There are, however clues you can rely on to avoid consuming (or buying) products that have not been stored properly:

  • a inflated envelope it can be the result of fermentation processes due to the unwanted proliferation of bacteria: leave it on the supermarket shelf or, if you have already bought it, throw it in the trash;
  • also there presence of condensation it can be a sign of an alteration in the salad: avoid packages in which you see water;
  • if the leaves of the salad are dark, blackened, withered or glued to the envelopethere is something wrong: better not to eat it, because it could be contaminated by bacteria;
  • never eat the salad if you are surprised by a bad smell: also in this case it is easy that the cause of this characteristic is a bacterial proliferation.

For the rest, behave as you would with the products of the refrigerated counter: put it in the cart last, carry it in a bag that can keep it cold and, once at home, put it back in the refrigerator as soon as possible. Put it in the drawer reserved for fruit and vegetables, but remember: temperature changes here can be significant, so it is best to check the package before turning the salad upside down on your plate.

Does the salad in a bag have an expiration date?

There deadline of the salad in the bag is shown on its packaging. Until the date indicated, the product should be able to be consumed without problems. However, the closer you get to the deadline, the more its quality can be reduced. Do you know, for example, that the nutrients present in vegetables can be lost not only during cooking but also during storage? This is why you should never wait too long before consuming the vegetables you have purchased, even if you keep them properly in the refrigerator! Cutting also favors the loss of some nutrients: take this into account when buying pre-sliced ​​salads.

Once opened, it would be better to consume the whole salad in a bag. If it’s too much, you can keep it until the next day. Close the package tightly in order to limit the entry of air that could alter the product, therefore store it in the cold. In any case, I advise you to do not allow more than 24 hours to pass from opening before consumption and of check the condition of the leaves in the bags that have already been opened: the clues that there is something wrong are the same ones I told you about above.

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