Russian salad, vodka and Dostoevsky are no longer sold. There are even those who don’t even snore!

We will not stop the war by preventing the Russians from masturbating!
Please explain to me what is the point of that a porn site prevent access to the Russians?
Some believe they can weaken the aggression of the fans of Putin ‘O Crazy with autoerotic abstinence? And why take it away Netflix And Amazon Prime?
Wasn’t it better to bombard the Russians with pacifist films?
Also some documentaries about the massacres in Chechnya they would have been useful!
If Amazon and Netflix had chosen to engage in counter information on crimes e Putin’s misdeeds and its oligarchs, who have plundered Russia’s wealth, maybe it was Putin who blocked Netflix and Amazon. And the Russians would be pissed at him.
Close access to the media for Russians it’s not the smartest move.

How many Russians feel discriminated against and are increasing their support for Putin?
History clearly demonstrates that sanctions targeting the people strengthen the powerful and allow them to blame FOREIGN enemies for all that is wrong.

Then there are boycotts simply delusional as well as ineffective. Not buying more vodka may have some effectiveness, but what does it matter Dostoevsky and the Russian salad?
Cinzia Monteverdi he told me that when he asked his butcher for two ounces of Russian salad, he told her that all the pan he had prepared that day had remained unsold, something never seen in the memory of a butcher!
Moreover, the Russian salad seems to be even Italian. She would become Russian starting in Piedmontese Russian what does it mean red because there were also beets in it. So much so that in northern Europe they call it Italian salad! Whereas the Russian salad of the Russians has almost nothing to do with ours: they put meat, fish and even truffles in it. That is, it’s not Russian salad!But how do you think that the Russian salad that the butcher sells you comes from Moscow and that therefore refraining from eating it affects the Russian economy?
Not buying multiple products from one nation can make sense. Don’t buy from your butcher anymore it does not terrify Putin.

And what about the supermarkets that are changing the name of this salad?
We are facing a war that is trying to kill some words.

A sort of cultural animism, a fossil bone of ancient warrior cultures, an atavism, a mental primitivism.

Someone said to me: “But with the terrible things that are happening why do you waste time on insignificant details?”.
I reply that it is in these absurd, grotesque details that overflow from the drama into the comic, that we can glimpse the cultural Matrix which is our real problem, the father of all disasters and violence.
Many pacifists they blame what happens on conspiracies, economic interests, corruption.
But I am increasingly convinced that people are prisoners of regressive mental automatisms, of reaction principles, operational gears, cognitive software based on the culture of violence that has plagued us for 5000 years, since the hordes of nomadic shepherds invented war. Mechanisms that strike fiercely even in relationships of love and friendship.
How many understand the words tolerance, understanding, listening, respect, mercy and forgiveness?
How many use them as a peaceful weapon to cultivate good relationships, which contain the meaning of life?
Around me I see people always ready for a fight, for stubbornness, for spite, for the frightened defense of their score … life is a competition, a battle, a clash of powers, a matter of warlike honor.

And then I wonder: how is it possible that the university Bicocca can think of boycotting Dostoevsky because he is a Russian? It is an even dumber idea than to stop eating Russian salad. But do they know that he died in 1881? His works are no longer even subject to copyright, so if you buy a book by him, you don’t make any Putinian Bolsheviks happy? (And here I doubt that he is called a Putinist).
And I wonder who is that rector, who are his advisers, who are the teachers who have signed up to such nonsense? In what mental position do they make love?
Because they know when Dostoevsky is died! They fight against words …

So I ask myself: close i Mc Donald is it good or bad? It could be said that eating fewer industrial sandwiches could open your mind. But it could also improve the health of ranks of Putinist fanatics and even favor Moscow fast food chains such as Mc Dostoevsky.
To gastroenterologists the arduous sentence.