Russian influencers try dishes made with insects and this was their favorite

Mexico It is a country with a great variety gastronomic there are so many recipesWhat regions And till families, because there cymbals who survive thanks to family tradition. There are many examples, because the Mexican food It is an ode to miscegenation, due to the large number of elements that have been mixed to obtain the food that we eat today, because our food today is already multicultural.

Puebla, for example, stands out for its colonial tradition in dishes, such as mole poblano, chiles en nogada or even cemitas. Oaxaca for its tlayudas, grasshoppers in sauces and even Chicatana ants, which Yalitza Aparicio once showed how they are cooked. However, there is much more horizon and insects within the gastronomy that only these few mentioned. Maybe you don’t know them, because not all of them are so common.